SURPRISE! Diabetes Scientists Discover New Treatment for Alzheimer’s

America has long been under siege by a litany of debilitating diseases that target a wide variety of our citizens.

Complicating the matter are a plethora of long term illnesses that have seemingly no cure in human beings.  In the United States, one such disease is diabetes – a disorder in which the body can no longer regulate insulin and sugar in the bloodstream leading to wild energy swings in mild cases, and debilitating pain, suffering, and even death in the more severe instances.  While some forms of diabetes can be avoided through a proper diet and moderate exercise, the disease is also believed to be genetically involved in some cases, with patients only able to treat the symptoms once they manifest.

Given the trouble that diabetes has caused around the nation, (and the world), there has been a large, concerted effort to find a cure for the deadly disease.  This search has led America to an unexpected discovery:  A new possible treatment for another of America’s most worrisome ailments.

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“Although their goal was to cure diabetes, scientists may have stumbled onto a new medication to help treat the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

“According to a press release from researchers at Lancaster University, a new drug being tested for diabetes patients was found to have ‘significantly reversed memory loss’ in test subjects and is now being examined as possible treatment for neurodegenerative disorders.

“The medication, known as a triple receptor drug — or ‘triple agonist’ — reportedly works in multiple ways to protect the brain against degeneration and promote growth. Researchers say that a study of mice being given the drug found that the animals had an increased ability to learn and retain memories.

“’These very promising outcomes demonstrate the efficacy of these novel multiple receptor drugs that originally were developed to treat type 2 diabetes,’ Professor Christian Holscher said in the release.”

The discovery will come as a wonderful surprise for many Americans whose families and loved ones have suffered from the horrors of Alzheimer’s disease.

Preliminary data regarding the tests is just now becoming available via the scientists who have discovered it, and more information will likely be available soon.

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