Surprise! Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democrat Party as Abruptly as He Entered


It took Bernie Sanders (I-VT) less than two days from endorsing Hillary Clinton for President to leaving the Democrat Party.

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This should surprise NO ONE.

Bernie has never held a real job. He was the socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont for a few years in the 70s – 80s. Then he was a socialist Senator from Vermont for more than 25 years. Then he wanted to run for President and he realized that the Socialist Party of America was a nothing political entity with literally no clout. Why? Because the Democrat Party has adopted much of what the socialist party has always supported. So instead of running as a socialist, Bernie chose to tie himself to the Democrat Party and run for the presidency with the party he has long caucused with.

Now he’s going back to his roots, leaving the Democrat Party and returning to his Independent socialist self.

Sanders has struggled all along with whether to call himself a Democrat, even ducking the question of his party affiliation, raised by local Vermont media, just days after he declared. He later tried to reinforce that he was, indeed, a Democrat. But Sanders certainly wasn’t a party player—and that’s exactly the concern Wasserman Schultz voiced in the Wikileaks document dump.

In an April 24 email she received with an article describing the ways Sanders felt the DNC was undermining his campaign, she wrote back, “Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do.”

If Wasserman Schultz’s job was to ensure that a Democrat got the Democratic party nomination, then she might have been doing her job correctly (even if Bernie’s supporters would disagree).

What may have surprised everyone was the fact that the modern version of the Democrat Party has so wholly embraced the socialist platform that Bernie preaches. Bernie Sanders was able to defeat (an obviously flawed, and openly corrupt) Hillary Clinton in many states. In fact, Bernie was able to peel away more than 43% of Democrat primary voters, even though he has NEVER been a Democrat.

What does that tell you about the state of the Democrat Party and the state of politics in our nation?

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