SURPRISE! 600 More JFK Files Dropped by National Archives

With the nation being inundated with news regarding the ongoing implosion of the democratic party, one might be quick to miss another startling Friday tidbit.

On October 26th, President Trump allowed a longstanding order to expire that allowed the National Archives to release an enormous cache of previously classified documents pertaining to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Given the enormity of the questions surrounding the official story of JFK’s demise, these 2,800 documents were a treasure trove for conspiracy theorists and historians alike.  As Americans pored over the documents, and still do to this day, a number of stunning revelations were discovered, including some that had very little to do with the event of Dealey Plaza.  One such surprise was that the CIA was actively investigating the possible escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina as late as 1955.

Still, about 200 documents were considered too “sensitive” to be released in this particular batch, pending a 6 month review by the CIA and the President.

Now, in a surprise move, the National Archives have dropped a previously unheard of mountain of 600 more JFK documents for us to dig through.


No word today on the 200 extra special documents still being hoarded by the CIA.

With a busy weekend on the way, what with all of the Antifa “revolutions” and Mueller indictments coming, Americans will be hard pressed to escape politics in the next few days.  These additional JFK files will only further the government’s encroachment on our weekend and our Monday morning water cooler talk.

At least now, with these new files to discuss and the impeding collapse of the Clinton political dynasty, those conversations will be a bit more exciting.


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