Obama’s Coal Regulation Halted

Being that Climate Change has been at the center of the Administration’s focus, there was no surprise that Obama signed us onto the Paris Climate change pact. This pact bond the U.S. to make laws to lower their carbon emissions.

In response, the president had the EPA make strict emission regulations on coal fire power plants. But it seems that the coal industry and coal states have finally seen a turn in their fortune.

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According to Fox News, the Supreme Court has ruled to halt the implementation of these new regulations. The justices found that there was a sufficient enough argument made by the 29 states to block the regulations from going into effect. And though these regulations do not come into effect until 2022, the cost would be felt almost immediately, justifying the hold.

The reason that the justices came to this conclusion is a simple and financial one. If the regulations are implemented, then the states and the coal burning plants operating there would be bound to show that they are taking steps to prepare.  They would be faced with costly planning and implementation of these regulations.  Regulations which might well be deemed unlawful by the Court.

It would not be enough for them to hand down these regulations; they will have to be taking steps to reach compliance beforehand. In fact, according to Fox, they have to submit their plans to the EPA or apply for an extension.

This stay according to the New York Times will last as long as the case is in court. It will face an expedited hearing on June 2, but the coal states are hopeful.

They see the hold on the regulations by the Court as a sign that their legal argument has a chance of winning the day.

The question comes down to two crucial questions. Does the EPA have the authority to make what is in effect a law? And why has no one pointed out that the regulations are based on false science?


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