Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Amnesty Case

Obama’s Executive order on immigration and work visas has been a sore spot politically. Many Democrat supporters said that it was a necessary move. While Republicans have said that Obama’s executive order was an overreach.

There have been two federal hearings on the case and both have sided with the Republicans and against the president. The Supreme Court have been evenly split over the question. And based on this, they have refused to hear the case again.

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The Washington Times reports

The Supreme Court kicked off its new year Monday by rejecting President Obama’s attempt to revive his deportation amnesty, leaving stand a June ruling that left a nationwide injunction in place and leaves the big immigration questions up to voters in November.

Without comment, the justices refused Mr. Obama’s request for a rehearing of the case, on which the justices had deadlocked 4-4.

Immigrant rights groups howled in protest, and said they’ll try to rally voters to punish Donald Trump, the GOP’s presidential nominee, and to back Democrats who they hope will ensure a more liberal bench is in place before the issue returns to the high court.

The decision to not hear the case makes the November election into a winner takes all showdown. With so many issues up for consideration, and many others to be brought before the court, the next appointee might be the policy maker for years to come.

It is sad that this is now how the law is made in our country. it effectively makes the Congress the least powerful entity in our government.

As now it will not be the Congress writing and debating our law, but the courts.

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