Supreme Court Nominee Shows What Scares Obama

The rumored Supreme Court nominee that the President has picked demonstrates that he is afraid.

Despite earlier signs of caving in the Senate, it now appears that they might hold strong and stick with the original position stated by Mitch McConnell and refuse to consider a nominee to the Supreme Court until after the election.

Now we have news about what sort of candidate Barack Obama is choosing for the Supreme Court. According to the Washington Post,

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Brian Sandoval, a centrist former federal judge who has served as governor since 2011, is among the Supreme Court candidates under White House consideration, according to two people familiar with the selection process. Some key Democrats view Sandoval as perhaps the only nominee President Obama could select who would be able to break a Republican blockade in the Senate.

The Senate has given its response to the news, and it is encouraging.

But after The Washington Post published news of Sandoval’s consideration Wednesday, GOP leaders insisted that Obama nominating a Republican would make no difference.

Perhaps the Senate is being principled. But there is also another possibility (not mutually exclusive with the first option). Perhaps the Senate is responding to Barack Obama’s signal that he is afraid.

The reason this Supreme Court nominee tells us that the President is afraid, is because we know that this nominee is not someone whom Obama would like for the office. The Saul Alinsky expert who shoved Obamacare on the nation would not normally want a “centrist” on the Supreme Court.

He is willing to settle for a centrist because he is afraid of what will happen if the next president chooses a Supreme Court nominee.

This also reveals Barack Obama’s opinion about the next election. If he expected Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders to get to choose the next judge, then he could afford to give a more Leftist Supreme Court nominee a shot. He would have nothing to lose. But if he thinks the next President is going to be a Republican, then there is a lot at stake. Better to get a centrist Supreme Court nominee to fill the vacancy than risk getting a more conservative judge appointed to the bench next term.

Barack Obama fears the Democrats will lose.

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