Supreme Court Makes Unexpected Move Regarding Sports Gambling

Americans as a whole are thankfully obsessed with the concept of freedom.  It’s the very cornerstone of our entire society, and it is something that libertarians and some conservatives take very, very seriously.

When it comes to liberty, and specifically the pursuit of happiness, there are some still-on-the-fringes ideas that many Americans believe should be their right to pursue.  Legalized drugs, for instance, is an ethos found on the very surface of the libertarian doctrine, that has been implement in small bits and pieces in locales such as Washington State, Colorado, California, and Massachusetts with the legalization of marijuana in recreational and medicinal avenues.

On the list of free states, Nevada is often seen as the leader in progress toward a society built on pure and unadulterated liberty.  With prostitution and gambling both dominating the financial landscape of the state, libertarians often point to the economic upside that The Silver State has endured with both industries operating freely.  This has, of course, prompted a great many other areas to consider similar measures as well, with gambling leading the way.

Now, it looks as though the Supreme Court could be making an enormous ruling in the coming weeks regarding sports betting in New Jersey, that would have incredible, nation-shaping effects should it come to pass.

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“U.S. Supreme Court justices suggested they may uphold New Jersey’s legalization of sports gambling, in a move that could ripple quickly across the country and let other states grab some of the billions of dollars now bet illegally.

“In an hour-long argument in Washington Monday, a majority of the justices voiced doubts about a 1992 federal law that bars wagering on individual sporting events in every state except Nevada.  New Jersey, which is attempting to repeal its prohibition on sports gambling, contends the federal law violates states’ rights.
“Justice Anthony Kennedy, often the court’s swing vote, said the federal law ‘leaves in place a state law that the state does not want.’
“Should the high court strike down the federal law, other states could move quickly to take part of the $150 billion the casino-backed American Gaming Association says is wagered illegally every year. By some estimates, more than a dozen states could have legal sports gambling by the end of next year.”
The economic impact of legalized gambling would be absolutely enormous on a large scale in America.  U.S. citizens are already spending $15 billion with a “b” on fantasy sports games online, but are not able to make straight bets on the outcome of contests via those engagements.

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