Support Discount Tire’s Fight Against Drugs

It is so hard these days to find companies you can support without fear that you will inadvertently support abortion, gay marriage and other psycho liberal causes. Well, there is one Arizona company you can support without fear you will be supporting the liberal agenda.

Discount Tire! They are putting their money where their mouth is too. They have just donated $1 million to help defeat legalized marijuana in Arizona.

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They don’t want it legalized for recreational use- GOOD for them. Now with all the actual medicinal uses for cannabis oil some people may have forgotten the actual dangers of marijuana. Make no mistake, this legalization proposal has nothing to do with cancer patients, little old ladies with glaucoma or seizure-plagued children. This is about not arresting Stevie the stoner who lives in his parents basement with his grow lamps.

So how about we talk about addiction.

According to Marijuana use and addiction are most pronounced in America’s young people. Of those going to rehabilitation for Weed Addiction, 45 percent are under 21 years of age. When those 24 and younger are included, the percentage rises to 55.

How about health affects. Chronic marijuana use and higher dosages are found to correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Let’s talk about those higher doses for a second. One way to get a bigger high is by something called dabbing. I won’t go into specifics about it here, but it’s a process used to concentrate the THC and people who are doing it are blowing up their houses and catching themselves on fire. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

Even though I will have to go 20 miles to buy tires now, I will gladly do so to support a company that obviously cares about the future of this country.

If you want to join me click here to find a store near you:

BONUS: The liberals are losing their minds over this and declaring a boycott. Perhaps they will even form picket lines while sipping their “Kill the Fetus” lattes. So when you pull up to get your new tires with your Pro-Life sticker on the bumper of your American made gasoline powered car, you may just see a libtard’s head explode.

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