Superstar Black Comedian Stuns Town Meeting with His View of Police


The war on police is unfortunately a very substantial issue in America, often spurred on by the ignorant views of Hollywood’s elite.

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So, when a celebrity, large or small, takes time to praise and support the brave men and women in blue, it should be noted.  Especially when that celebrity happens to be one of the most influential figures in the United States’ black community.

“Dave Chappelle continues to be the voice of reason for conservatives, liberals, and libertarians.

“During the 2016 election, the 43-year-old comedian defended then-candidate Donald Trump for some of the smears that were directed towards him from Hillary Clinton’s camp. After Trump won the election, Chappelle went on to host Saturday Night Live and wished the President-elect ‘good luck’ and urged others to ‘give him a chance.’

“On Monday, Chappelle went in front of a village council meeting in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the town where he lives and also spent a good chunk of his childhood in, to praise local law enforcement.

“’I gotta be honest,’ Chappelle opened. ‘For me, personally, the police have been actually sensitive to my situation. I know on at least two occasions where they protected my own well-being. My personal well-being unsolicited from me. So, I appreciate that.’”

Chappelle, whose resurgence onto the political and social landscape comes on the heels of a bombastic performance on Saturday Night Live, and a hefty paycheck for two forthcoming Netflix comedy specials, has been an enormous voice in the African American community of America.  Let’s hope that his no-nonsense, common sense approach to the issue of policing America can catch on.

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