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Super Bowl Champs Slam New York Times For Fake News

The liberal media, believing that they would be able to pin the entire charade onto conservative outlets, began propagating the belief in “fake news” during 2016’s presidential election.

Fearing an embarrassing loss by democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media began concocting a plan of disinformation, aimed at delegitimizing and news outlets or media sources that did not line up exactly with their beliefs.  The entire campaign was aimed squarely at accusing conservative outlets who were anti-Hillary of massive informational fraud, and then pinning Clinton’s loss on this supposed windfall of bad intel.

It was a scapegoat, through and through, and in the ensuing months, the perpetrators of this heinous hoax have received an unequivocal smack down in terms of viewership and credibility, often at the hands of the President himself.

Now, one liberal print rag with no real future has been accused of taking “fake news” to an new plateau of pettiness, and have been called out by the reigning Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots.

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The original tweet by the New York Times that got the whole things started was meant to slam President Trump, evoking the idea that the New England Patriots’ celebration at that White House was poorly attended by the team and its staff:

fake news

The Patriots were none too pleased with the rapidly failing newspaper’s assertion that Donald Trump was the reasoning behind the disparity in the photos, and were quick to set the record straight.

fake news

The team was quick to remind the NY Times that many of the staff pictured in the first photograph were in attendance during this year’s celebration, however, they had chosen to remain seated on the South Lawn as opposed to posing for the photograph.

The New York Times was once again embarrassed by facts, and the paper was forced to correct their original, inflammatory tweet.

This sort of semantic, petty nonsense has been a pervasive force in the mainstream media from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the republican nomination.  While Americans overwhelmingly agree with the things that Trump says, and his straightforward attitude, the left-leaning media has no way of countering the President without taking a massive hit to their viewership.  Remember, these organizations are merely entertainment outlets who must sell advertising to stay alive.

With no recourse on the America First policies of this President, the New York Times and their band of loony liberals have been forced to attack Trump in tiny, trivial instances such as the attendance of a football team in visiting the White House.

The deceased greats of journalism are certainly rolling over in their graves.

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