Sudden Death of Justice Scalia: Is It The Pelican Brief in Real Life?


Conservative America is reeling from the sudden death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. He was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in west Texas where he was found dead in his room Saturday morning.

Scalia, appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 was the most conservative member of the court and the most loyal to the US Constitution as it was written. Texas Governor Greg Abbott hit the nail on the head when he described Scalia as a patriot, a man of God and ‘an unwavering defender of the written Constitution.’ Abbott added:

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“He was the solid rock who turned away so many attempts to depart from and distort the Constitution. We mourn his passing, and we pray that his successor on the Supreme Court will take his place as a champion for the written Constitution and the Rule of Law. Cecilia and I extend our deepest condolences to his family, and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.”

Scalia was also critical of the liberal members of the Supreme Court and the way they were re-interpreting the US Constitution into what they wanted it to say rather than what it did say. Last year I reported about Scalia addressing law students at Santa Clara University, located in the San Jose suburb:

“He shared his criticism of the Supreme Court stating that the court has been a liberal court ever since he was sworn in.”


“Scalia told the law students that the Supreme does not look at the Constitution as a black and white governing document. They consider our founding document to be a ‘living Constitution’ and have done so since the 1920s. A living Constitution is one that changes and evolves over time based upon the liberal opinions by the members of the Supreme Court.”


“Those liberal decisions, according to Scalia are leading the nation down a slippery slope, explaining:”


“‘At the bottom of that slope, I can’t imagine how you can go any further, is the right to same-sex marriage.’”


“‘Do you think the American people would ever have ratified the Constitution if they had been told the meaning of this document shall be whatever a majority of the Supreme Court says it is. They vote on the basis of what they feel.’”


“‘It’s the destruction of our democratic system. I cannot imagine the system can continue with more and more of the basic rules made by the Supreme Court.’”

Scalia’s harsh criticism of his colleagues was made just 3 months before his sudden death and it reminded me about a report I wrote in April 2012 titled Could the Pelican Brief Become Reality by the Assassination of Supreme Court Justices to Save Obamacare?, in which I wrote:

“One of the best films from 1993 was a crime thriller titled The Pelican Brief, starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. The movie opens up with the assassination of two Justices of the United States Supreme Court. It turns out that an oil tycoon, who happened to be a friend of the US president, had them assassinated because they opposed the tycoon’s efforts to drill for oil in a Louisiana marshland that happened to be the habitat of a rare species of pelican. The deaths of the two Supremes would allow the president to appoint two new Justices that were more favorable to the oil tycoon’s plans.


If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly recommend it.


Would Obama and those supporting him like Bill Ayers and George Soros stoop to such measures to protect his flagship piece of legislation? Obama has already openly defied the US Constitution and numerous federal laws, so why would the simple act of murder be out of the question?


A couple days ago, I wrote about how the 2008 Obama campaign may have threatened the life of Chelsea Clinton to force Bill and Hillary to shut up about Obama’s ineligibility to serve as president.  It was also reported in the video that appeared with the article that the murder of Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party was possibly a warning to the Clintons by the Obama campaign to keep their mouths shut.


Then yesterday, I read where President Barack Obama more or less indirectly threatened the U.S. Supreme Court, telling them that they had better not overturn all of Obamacare. As I read several of the reports on Obama’s comments, I couldn’t help but think of The Pelican Brief and how two members of the high court were murdered so the president could appoint new justices that would rule in his and his friend’s favor.


If anything happens to any of the conservative Justices between now and the rendering of their decision in June or July, remember the movie, The Pelican Brief and that you read it here first.”

Consider that the news I was watching on Sunday reported that Scalia arrived at the hunting lodge on Friday, apparently feeling okay. Shortly after dinner, he said he wasn’t feeling well and went to his room. When he didn’t show up for breakfast, a resort employee went to check on him and found Scalia dead. Law enforcement was called. They called the coroner who pronounced Scalia dead over the phone. The law enforcement officers quickly determined that Scalia died of natural causes without much of an investigation. Then the news shocked me when they said that there would be no autopsy on Scalia. I would think that a sudden death, even if it were from natural causes would still warrant an autopsy to verify the cause.

I realize that Scalia was 79 years old and he could have died of natural causes. I also realize that there are a number of methods that someone could use to make it look like natural causes. Considering the many illegal actions Obama has taken while occupying the White House, it’s really not out of the question for him or his backers, is it?

I’m not saying that Obama or someone behind the scenes assassinated Justice Scalia, however, there are some important agenda items that the Supreme Court is considering, including his immigration memo to allow millions of illegals to remain in the US. By eliminating the most conservative member of the court, it could allow the four liberal members of the court to help Obama get his way, especially if he succeeds in appointing another ultra-liberal to the bench like he has already.

Hopefully, the Senate can stall the affirmation of any liberal nominee until after the November election. If a Republican wins, then he could appoint another conservative to take Scalia’s seat. If a Democrat wins, then there is no hope for the Supreme Court or America.






Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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