Sudden Airplane Electronics Ban Gets Terrifying Explanation


On March 21st of 2017, the United States implemented an immediate ban on all electronics larger than a cell phone inside the cabin of an airplane.

Travelers were perplexed, to put it politely.  The ban was immediate, strictly enforced, and came without much of an explanation from the TSA or FAA.  Today, we found out exactly what occurred that led to the mysterious ban, and it is downright terrifying.

Not only did we discover that terrorists working with ISIS were able to create explosives within laptops that passed our standard airport screenings, but they were able to test this themselves with stolen airport security equipment.

“You know that electronics ban on flights from the Middle East to the U.S. and the U.K.  that a bunch of airlines were mocking last week? Yeah — the threat is real, and terrifying.

“Not only are ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists working on tiny bombs for electronics that the FBI says are hard to detect, but CNN is reporting that the terror groups have gotten their hands on actual airport surveillance equipment that’s helped them create the sophisticated devices…”

While many think of ISIS as a crude crew of militant Muslims operating out of caves in the Middle East, the group can, at times, be a much more sophisticated threat.  With the ability to reverse-engineer undetectable bombs from bomb-detectors, the stakes have just been raised by the globes most nefarious Jihadists.


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