Stupid California Liberals Protecting Killer Mountain Lion

Bleeding liberals in California are acting out of ignorance as they protest to protect a rogue killer mountain.

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A radio collared mountain lion referred to P-45 lives in the hills of Malibu, California. The five-year-old male is being blamed for numerous attacks on livestock and animals at a petting zoo. Among the animals killed by P-45 are 10 alpacas that lived on a ranch in the area. The mountain lion didn’t eat any of the alpacas, but just attacked and killed them, kind of like what ISIS does for no reason.

Ranch and alpaca owner Victoria Vaughn-Perling, says she lives in fear of being attacked by the same lion. She received permission from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to kill the lion. However, Vaughn-Perling says she would prefer to see the lion trapped and either relocated or placed in an animal shelter, rather than being killed. Her attorney, Reid Breitman, issued a public statement for her, saying:

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“She wants that lion out of her life. Her main wish is to have it trapped and relocated. If that’s not possible, however, her only alternative is to kill it.”

Wendell Phillips, one of Vaughn-Perling’s neighbors and an attorney, commented on P-45, saying:

“P-45 is a threat to every creature on four legs. Now, as a result, people are scared and liable to do irrational things.”

Hundreds of bleeding heart liberal do-gooders are now protesting against any action to trap, move or kill P-45. Some are blaming Vaughn-Perling for not taking action to properly protect her alpacas. Ruth Gomez raised alpacas on a Malibu ranch for twenty years before selling off the last of her stock. She used larger llamas, a pack of large noisy dogs and motion sensor lights to protect her alpacas and says she never had a mountain lion attack because lions like to hunt by stealth.

Several wildlife groups including the Mountain Lion Foundation, National Wildlife Federation and Project Coyote have been trying to negotiate a way to save P-45. They have even offered to pay for protection of Vaughn-Perling’s alpaca enclosure which includes a dog trained to protect livestock against nocturnal predators.

However, I’ve not found any evidence of those wanting to protect P-45 willing to pay Vaughn-Perling for the loss of her alpacas or any future loss incurred by P-45 or any of the other 11 mountain lions known to roam the hills and mountains in the area. According to Hill Country Alpacas:

“A proven breeding age female that has already given birth to a live cria (baby, in alpaca-speak) can generally range in price between US$2,500 and $10,000.  Age, conformation and fleece quality as well as her bloodlines will be determiners of price.  Older females with fewer reproductive years ahead of her may be less expensive even if she has great fleece and confirmation.  Proven mothers, who are 3-5 years old with great conformation, excellent fleece, and great bloodlines and a show record can sell for prices well in excess of US$15,000.”

“A proven, breeding age male with great bloodlines and major show champion credentials (also called a “herdsire”) will typically be priced in the low to mid five-figure dollar range.  If his offspring are performing well and being recognized for conformation and fleece in the show ring he could sell for considerably more.  The record price for a herdsire, sold at auction was in February 27, 2010 at a price of US$675,000.”

Before I go any further, I want you to know that I have a college degree in wildlife biology and have studied and participated in effective wildlife management operations. I know that in many cases when a mountain lion begins wanton or needless killing of livestock or pets, that the lion is diseased or suffering from some injury or other condition that makes it hard to hunt and kill their natural prey, deer. Additionally, many studies have shown that when a mountain lion begins to feed on or just kill livestock that it will generally continue to do so as long as the lion lives. If one rancher takes action to protect their animals, then the lion will turn to other livestock and continue killing.

The only true way to resolve a situation like P-45 is to eliminate the animal. I’m not sure if relocating it to an animal shelter is wise either as it would be the same as sending someone to prison for life for only trying to survive. However, Vaughn-Perling finally decided not to kill P-45 but favors having the lion relocated, if at all possible.

I’ve dealt with bleeding heart liberals like these before and nothing you say and do will change their minds. I’ve been confronted by these stupid people who tried to prevent me from accessing a heard of desert bighorn sheep that I was studying. They didn’t care that it was only a study, they just wanted to protect the bighorns. The same group were also opposed to killing any predators in the area, even after it was shown to them that a mountain lion in the area was killing some of the bighorn sheep they were trying to protect and prevent me from studying.

In the later 1940’s, Disney released the animated movie Bambi. Bleeding heart liberals across the nation protested deer hunting and forced many states to reduce or stop deer hunting for several years. However, these same bleeding heart liberals failed to realize the devastating effects their protests would have. Every area of land produces enough food to feed a maximum number of animals. The term is called carrying capacity. In many areas of the nation where deer hunting was stopped, within two to three years, the deer populations exceeded the carrying capacity of the range. Consequently, many deer ended up dying over the winter from starvation and/or disease. In some areas, up to 80% of the deer died.

If carrying capacity for a given area is 100 deer and that deer herd experiences a 15% reproduction rate, in two years, there are 115 to 130 deer, depending on mortality rates. Since the land only produces enough feed for 100, all 115-130 compete for the same food, resulting in the deaths of as many as 75-95 deer, leaving a herd of only 40-50 deer.

Bleeding heart liberals need to learn to leave effective wildlife management to the experts and stop protesting out of their ignorance. Many of these same bleeding hearts I’ve dealt with in the past are the types that protest to save whales and seals and yet fully support the abortion of human babies. I wonder how many of those protesting the possible removal or killing of P-45 support killing human babies by aborting them?


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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