Study Shows How Many Refugees Are Being Investigated For Terrorism – It’s TERRIFYING

For months, President Donald Trump has been working to limit the number of Middle Eastern refugees that are being allowed into America.

At the onset of the Syrian refugee crisis, nations around the world began to open their borders to these migrants, often relaxing their own national security standards to do so.  The idea was deemed foolish by many, who were heeding the warnings of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, who openly admitted to exploiting the situation to place their operatives in cities across the globe.  Countries such as Poland and Hungary have faced sanctions by the European Union for exerting their sovereignty on the matter, and the conflict has been a central theme of several worldwide elections over the course of the last two years.

Now, a new study from the FBI shows us exactly how dangerous these immigrants can be, and just how important President Trump’s extreme vetting program will be in keeping America safe.

“During his testimony Monday, former-FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell unrelated to the media’s ongoing Russian hoax (8 months + no evidence = hoax) or Hillary’s emails. When asked about terrorism-related investigations, Comey told the Senate committee a truth wildly inconvenient to our media’s ongoing cover-up of crimes committed by illegal immigrants and refugees — that a breathtaking 15% of terror-related investigations into violent extremism involve refugees.

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“Fifteen. Percent.

“As Mark Krikorian at National Review reports, that shocking and disturbing 15% number is not only disproportionate to the number of refugees who make up America’s overall immigration population, to say that it is disproportionate to the overall American population is the understatement of the year.

“This number not only vindicates (and them some) President Trump’s temporary refugee ban (which may not go into effect until the Supreme Court overturns the robed fascists currently blocking it), but points to a massive, though unsurprising media cover-up.”

This means that nearly 1 in every 6 investigations into terrorism in this country include refugees.  That is simply astounding.

With liberal judges seemingly lining up to stymy the President’s travel ban hopes, (a temporary moratorium designed to allow some breathing room to install an extreme-vetting plan), we have the FBI telling us exactly how dire the refugee situation really is.

Furthermore, President Trump is dealing with an extremely unfortunate leftover attitude form the Barack Obama administration.  The former President, who refused to even use the phrase “radical Islam”, was infamous for his willful ignorance toward the problem of terrorism.  When forced to respond, Obama did everything in his power to distance these violent acts from the Muslim faith – something that the rest of world certainly found perplexing, and an unfortunate circumstance that President Trump will need to work overtime to overcome.


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