Students Test School District’s Double Standard

Without fail, the liberal cabal that sits atop the media throne in America has been hilariously inept at reaching the youth of our great nation, having detached themselves from reality years ago.

Their posh upbringings, secret societies, and political security have insulated these Deep State democrats from the real world to the extent that any attempt to “hang” or “chill” with the nation’s young politicos comes off like the creepy older cop who gets an undercover assignment inside of a high school.

In their latest bit of student-aimed schtick, the left has attempted to push the “edgy” envelope in order to appeal to the angry “resistance” rats being led by Pied Piper David Hogg – a supposed survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.  (We way “supposed” due to Hogg’s own confusing narrative in which he had openly admitted to riding his bike three miles to school after hearing about the incident).

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Now, as Hogg and his radical leftist backers continue to mobilize their army of millennial miscreants against the patriotic Americans of this country, a number of conservatively-minded students are testing the bias of their educational system by organizing their own demonstrations for their own causes, forcing schools to either put up or shut up when it comes to equality in activism.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Brandon Gillespie  (pictured)– a student at Rocklin High School – said he met with his principal last Friday to discuss his plan for a pro-life student walkout to protest abortion.

“I asked him for the exact same accommodations that were given to the students who held the previous walkout on March 14, and he was not able to give me a direct answer on whether or not I was able to have this pro-life walkout,” Gillespie said. “He told me he has to go talk to certain administrators and people in the school district before he can give me a direct answer. So, he told me he will be getting back to me on April 2.”

Gillespie notes, however, that while currently he cannot be certain his school will allow the pro-life walkout, he does know the walkout is already slated to occur in schools throughout the country as a result of his social media campaign.

Gillespie’s demeanor and class seem to be a welcome change from the vitriol and overt tyrannical symbolism of kids like David Hogg, who has jumped the shark from activist to agitator over the course of the last week, reveling in his own fame like a pig wallowing in mud.

Now, whether or not this demonstration goes off without a hitch has yet to be seen, however, we do know that a discussion will be had either way and in a nation that is so wholly divided by the Democrats, perhaps a conversation is all we can ask for at this time.

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