Student Ordered by School to Remove American Flag from His Truck

Since when has the American flag become offensive and controversial here in America?

Millions of men and women have fought, died and sacrificed limbs and more for the American flag. If someone is not violating the US Flag Code, then there is no legal reason for anyone to be forced to remove or stop displaying the American flag.

In front of our house is a sturdy flag pole. Our American flag flied in accordance to the US Flag Code. It does not fly before sun-up or after sun-down or during inclement weather. The only times our flag is lowered to half-staff is when it is officially ordered by a qualified president or governor. If our flag becomes torn or otherwise damaged, it is replaced and then allowed to be properly disposed of. Our flag never touches the ground.

One of our prized possessions is a 48-star flag that flew on board a US Navy ship during several key battles in the Pacific during World War II. The flag was presented to my father (-in-law) by the ship’s captain and the flag was passed down to me (my husband). It is properly folded and displayed in a triangular flag display box.

To answer the question of when it became controversial to display the American flag in America is easily answered – recently due to liberals who hate America and are trying to change our nation into something ugly and repressive.

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The issue came to a head about seven years ago on May 5, Cinco de Mayo, when some students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California wore t-shirts depicting the American flag. These students were physically threatened and accosted by Mexican students at the school who shoved Mexican flags into the chest of one student while others shouted:

“F— them white boys, f— them white boys” and “they are racist. They are being racist. F— them white boys. Let’s f— them up.”

School administrators blamed the American boys wearing American flag t-shirts and told them to go home and change their shirts or turn them inside out. The parents of the boys filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming the school had violated the constitutional rights of freedom of speech by banning the American flag t-shirt and allowing the wearing of Mexican flag shirts by students at the same school.

This ended up before Judge James Ware of the San Francisco Division of the Northern District of California District Court. Ware has a history of making rulings based upon his liberal agenda instead of the rule of law and he did so in this case and ruled in favor of the school. The parents appealed his ruling all the way to the steps of the US Supreme Court.

In 2015, the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, thus allowing the original court ruling to stand. In essence, the courts have declared that it’s perfectly legal for Mexicans to assault and racially threaten Americans without any consequences. It also allows schools to unfairly ban the American flag while allowing the flying and displaying of a foreign flag on US soil to take place.

More recently, Daniel Nunnally Jr., a student at Dinwiddie High School in Dinwiddie, Virginia was pulled out of class and ordered by the school’s assistant principal to removed his American flag and Gadsden flag from his pickup truck. According to the student:

“I was I the middle of my second period weight training class and my assistant principal came in and pulled me out of class and told me that I had to go outside to take both flags off my truck so there was no controversy or anything.”

“I kind of started getting angry because what’s the problem with the American flag? I asked (the assistant principal), ‘is it the don’t tread on me (flag) that you have a problem with? Because I can go take that one down real quick, but she told me both of them.”

For those of you not familiar with the Gadsden flag, it’s a yellow flag with coiled up snake and the words ‘DON’T TREAD ON ME’. The snake became a rallying symbol for the 13 colonies when Benjamin Franklin portrayed an image of a snake in 13 sections, one for each colony. The symbol grew in popularity during the Revolutionary War.

In 1776, Charles Gadsden presented his flag to the Congress of South Carolina. Since that time, there have been a number of versions of the Gadsden flag, but the one Nunnally was displaying on his truck was very similar to the original which dates back to the Revolutionary War and has little to do with the South or Civil War.

When the media heard what happened they contacted the school and were told that Nunnally and other students were told to remove the flags because they thought they might interfere with vision through the rearview mirror while driving.

Nunnally Sr. contacted the school and told them that if the flags were a traffic issue that it should be up to the local police and not the school to take action. It didn’t take long for students, parents and others in the community to contact the school in support of the students’ right to display their flags, especially the American flag. The school then reversed the flag ban.

It should not have been an issue to begin with unless the assistant principal has a personal agenda against the American flag and America in general. If that is the case then that assistant principal needs to find a country and flag he or she would support and move there!

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