Student Loses Control at Sight Of Anti-Abortion Signs

Image from Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro have pointed out the trend that is sweeping through the Left over the past few years. It is the growing justification of violence. Many on the Left have no issue with employing violence. And they feel completely justified.

The way that they justify these acts of violence is by claiming that opposing ideas and statements are violence. The claim that they have been attacked. They play the victim, even if they are never touched by anyone.

Words are the instruments of assault by those they attack and hurt. Therefore it is completely right and just for them to “fight back.” And this is what happened at an anti-abortion display recently.

Breitbart reports

A college student completely loses his temper and destroys anti-abortion signs during a protest at Texas State University.

While the student in the video is not identified, Emma Brockway (@theEmmaBrockway), a self-described progressive activist at the university in San Marcos, Texas, captured the eruption on video and Tweeted it for the world’s consumption.

In an obscenity-filled rant, the male student, who appears to be more offended by images of aborted fetuses than what actually happened to the unborn babies, lashes out against the protest signs destroying several in the process.

We could claim that this young man was suffering from the guilt of having a child aborted. It may be that the flowers he was carrying were to be given to a friend who was suffering the effects of having an abortion.

Maybe the reason that he thought that the display was “wrong” was that he did not want his friend/girlfriend to see what she had just done to her/their child. All this could be true or none of it, but was this in any way justified?

There should be consequences for such actions, but as of yet, no one knows the young man’s name. It is unlikely that the college will do anything to the perpetrator, which should give us reason for alarm.
Without consequences, those who are shocked or angered by posters will be encouraged to act in the same way or worse.

So much for free speech.

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