Student Activists’ Demand Shows That We are Nowhere Near Done With Racism

There was a time in our country that things were bad for people of color. It was hard to find a good job and buying a house was impossible. That is not to mention the Eugenics experiments and forced and secret sterilizations. But, thanks in large part to the work of Civil Rights workers and the Republican party, things have changed.

But, to some, change is not enough. They do not want equality; they want revenge. They use the word justice, but it is more akin to extortion. And it shows that they are themselves, racists.

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Heat Street reports

Student activists at the University of Michigan are demanding that school administrators provide them with a racially segregated space in which to organize and conduct social justice work, according to the Michigan Review.

In response to a series of anti-Semitic and racist emails, sent to students through a professor’s hacked email account, the campus group “Students4Justice” issued a series of written demands to UMich’s President, Mark Schlissel. Among them, that he “create a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize, and do social justice work.”

It is not enough that they can go to school there. It is not enough that they have the same opportunities for scholarships and loans. It is not enough, even as the University is bankrolling a $10 Million multicultural center in the middle of campus.

This building is not what they want because they are not really interested in multiculturalism. What this group wants is power, and they want a safe place to plot how to take it from those who have it, and this includes the president of the University.

Heat Street continues

They’ve also issued a personal, open letter (presented as a petition on to President Schlissel demanding that he pursue classes on race at his own university and attend student protests.

At one point, the letter calls Schlissel, who has routinely spoken out in support of greater equality on Michigan’s campus, “racist” for having referred to the Students4Justice demands as “rude.”

So, do not think that giving in to these people will improve the way they see you. You are the enemy unless you look like they do. This is the definition of a racist.

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