Insanity! European Leader Doubles Down on Importing Islam!

None of the almost daily Islamist terrorist attacks convinces stubborn Angela Merkel to rethink her policy.

It seems that stubborn Angela Merkel isn’t worried about her political future or the dissolution of the E.U.

According to The Telegraph,

Angela Merkel on Thursday refused to back down from her “open-door” refugee policy in the wake of a week of violence in Germany, including three attacks by asylum seekers.

Mrs Merkel said Germany was “at war” with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) after the jihadist group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing and an axe attack on train passengers in Bavaria.

But she insisted Germany would not fail in its “historic task” of integrating the more than one million asylum seekers who arrived last year.

“The terrorists want us to lose sight of what is important to us,” Mrs Merkel said at a special press conference after a week of bloodshed in Bavaria.

“They want to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

If you are prone to believe that politicians engage in self-destructive behavior for altruistic ends, you are probably missing a key factor in this. Stubborn Angela Merkel may have drunk her own Kool-Aid to some degree, but that means she simply can’t believe the voters will swing so far “to the right” that her party will ever be ousted. Just like Brexit or Donald Trump, elites cannot believe that they can be beaten by us peasants.

But her deep commitment to importing an Islamic army into Europe, has to have a goal. She and her collaborators want something. I’ve offered one speculation on what that is, but I don’t have any evidence. I would dearly love to find out what exactly is Merkel’s goal.

Of course, while Merkel moralizes on helping others, she has no compassion on the molested women and other victims of imported crime. She has imported a population that is much more likely to attack others, but also to blame victims and the host country. Since she’s in no danger, she doesn’t care.

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