Jimmy Kimmel

Street Artist Pushes Back Against Pathetic “Comedian” Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has thoroughly painted himself into a corner among his fellow late night television hosts over the course of the Trump presidency.

As with all other mainstream late night talk show hosts, Kimmel is thoroughly liberal.  While this itself is no surprise, Kimmel’s status as the least interesting of these public personalities has caused the former Man Show cohost to go a bit off the rails.

Jimmy Kimmel does not possess the star power of his colleagues in the least.  Colbert’s wit eludes the dullard Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon’s musical talent is something the other Jimmy just doesn’t possess. For this reason, Kimmel must rely on his own audience to create some of his more memorable segments, in which he often chides parents to torture children with fake presents and video tape their reactions for laughs.

To combat his otherwise boring persona, Kimmel has taken it upon himself to become the de facto “social justice” jerk on the late night circuit, railing against President Trump in unfunny and unflattering ways.  His diatribes on health care and gun control show that the “comedian” is settling into his new role as “the political guy” in the 11:30pm time slot, whether or not his viewers like it.

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The backlash against Kimmel has reached a new plateau this week, however, after two nights of incessant gun control debate by the television personality prompted a street artist to confront the issue head on.

“‘Sabo’ created posters of Kimmel looking like a young Johnny Depp from the 1990 movie, ‘Cry-Baby.’

“It’s inevitable that late-night comedians who have become increasingly partisan in the President Trump era would earn the ire of conservatives, one of whom took his complaint to the streets early Thursday morning. His target: Jimmy Kimmel.

“The conservative, an artist who goes by the moniker, ‘Sabo,’ created posters of Kimmel looking like a young Johnny Depp from the 1990 movie, Cry-Baby.

“‘Jimmy Kimmel is a Cry-Baby,’ reads the text above an image of Kimmel, greasy hair slicked back, clad in a leather jacket. Sabo posted about a dozen of the posters in tough-to-reach places near Kimmel’s home in West Hollywood near the famed Chateau Marmont Hotel. Others were posted near the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Other posters show Kimmel wiping a tear from his face and advertise a faux show called The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour, which Sabo says he created as an homage, sort of, to the days when Kimmel co-hosted The Man Show with Adam Carolla.”

While the artwork is certainly funnier than Kimmel’s repugnant rants, Sabo has also brought a touch of reality back to the leftist media.

Americans tune into shows such as Kimmel’s to decompress from the rigors of the day.  The timing of his program, along with the pedantic and often silly skits that Kimmel and others participate in were once meant to be an escape from reality, not a lipstick-wearing pig rehashing what we could find on any other news station.  A similar plague has infected the likes of ESPN, whose ratings took a massive hit when the network began airing political stories and opinions instead of purely sporting news.

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