World War III

Strange Navy Flight Pattern Spawns Hostile Submarine Fears on West Coast


With the world seemingly falling into the all-too familiar trappings of worldwide calamity, a peculiar gathering of submarine-spotting planes has the west coast of America nervous.

U.S. President Donald Trump has been cavalier during his first 11 weeks in office, pushing through Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, brining a bevy of jobs back to America via the aptly and casually labeled “Trump Effect”, and putting the rest of the world on notice:  America is back.

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This has led to some long-overdue international tension between the U.S., Russia, Syria, Iran, China, and North Korea, with these nations all playing a part in the drama that has encompassed the globe.  Now, amateur sleuths have discovered something alarming off the coast of California:  A group of airplanes, trained specifically to intercept submarines, congregating on a specific area outside of their routine patrol route.

“Anti-submarine aircraft have been loitering over the same area off the California coast for hours, which is fueling speculation that a Russian – or a North Korean – submarine was spotted in the area.

“While the report of a foreign vessel is unconfirmed at this point, the military patrol is apparently not part of a routine exercise due to the number of aircraft hovering over the same area and the late hours of operation.

“The patrol includes multiple low-flying aircraft including a Navy EP-3E Aries II, which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare.

“Additionally, a Royal Canadian CP-140 Orion, also known for submarine spotting, joined the search.”

The reason for the unusual focus has yet to be determined, however, many are speculating that the aircraft could be responding to reports of a foreign vessel on course for the United States.

Both North Korea and Russia have been speculated to as the culprit, with the two nations both capable of sending submerged warships across the pacific.  North Korea’s action could be in response to America’s increased pressure on China to reign in the despotic nation, a move that has sent 150,000 Chinese troops scampering for their border with North Korea.

Russia, however, has been far more forward with their action and rhetoric against the U.S., after an airstrike in Syria was carried out by Trump.  The impetus of the attack was as chemical weapons assault on Syrian civilians conducted by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, with possible complicity from the Russian military who have been assisting Assad in his attempted extermination of ISIS in the middle eastern nation.

One thing is for certain:  Nothing has come as a surprise in recent weeks, and an aggressive, foreign military machine patrolling the waters off of California would simply be the icing on the cake of a bizarre few months.

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