SICKENING: Media Compares Donald Trump To Hitler [Warning: Graphic Images]

I am sick and tired of  the pundits and media who label Donald Trump with fake Shoah references (Shoah is the word Jews use for the Holocaust it’s Hebrew for disaster). They are cheapening the reality of Holocaust horrors.

Earlier this week Robert Kuttner, co-founder and co-editor of ‘The American Prospect,’ wrote in The Huffington Post, (Trump, Berlusconi, Hitler and the Populist Moment):

Hitler, calling for the golden-haired resurgence of a racially pure, nordic German Reich, was a swarthy Austrian. Das macht nichts (no problem). More importantly, Hitler was seen as the avenger of the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty and the economic destitution afflicting much of Germany. He vowed to make Germany great again (sound familiar?). That the particulars were an incoherent jumble didn’t matter either. He was the man of the hour.

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The Washington Post’s editorial board was a bit more subtle, their recent editorial reminded readers:

First, you don’t have to go back to history’s most famous example, Adolf Hitler, to understand that authoritarian rulers can achieve power through the ballot box.

Newsweek asked if Trump was a fascist:

Since World War II, the ideology he represents has usually lived in dark corners, and we don’t even have a name for it anymore. The right name, the correct name, the historically accurate name, is fascism. I don’t use that word as an insult only. It is accurate.


Though hardly anyone talks about it today, we really should. It is still real. It exists. It is distinct. It is not going away. Trump has tapped into it, absorbing unto his own political ambitions every conceivable resentment (race, class, sex, religion, economic) and promising a new order of things under his mighty hand.

You would have to be hopelessly ignorant of modern history not to see the outlines and where they end up. I want to laugh about what he said, like reading a comic-book version of Franco, Mussolini or Hitler.

Each one of these references are disgusting because it cheapens the suffering of those who suffered through the Holocaust.

For those who still want to make the comparison allow me to ask some questions. Does Donald Trump make people tattoo numbers on their arms?


Hitler chose that method of identifying my relatives because tattooing is prohibited in the Jewish faith. If Trump never forced people to tattoo numbers on their arms then he probably isn’t Hitler.

I never met some of my family because the Nazis killed them and buried them in mass graves or cremated their bodies (cremation is also against Jewish Law).  Did Trump kill people, cremate their remains, and bury them in mass graves? 


Somewhere in the sick minds of the people who make the Hitler comparisons, do they really think Donald Trump has artificial legs recycled after victims are stripped naked and gassed?


Maybe they think that Trump gasses innocent victims, collects their gold teeth and artificial limbs while people are sleeping. I don’t think so, Donald Trump is not a mass murderer.

Folks I get it, Trump is getting to the point where he is inevitable, and if he gets the nomination in all probability Hillary will become POTUS. And even if Trump wins he is almost as liberal as Clinton. But that is no reason to obfuscate away from the real issues by claiming Trump is like Hitler. His daughter is Jewish.

The truth is that not one of the Republican candidates ever forced people to put tattoos on their arms, crowded them into death camps where they would suffer torture until they were gassed, shot, or died some other horrible death, followed by mutilating their corpses by taking out what can be reused. Until that happens any comparison to Hitler and/or the Nazis is not only false and inappropriate, but it cheapens the memory of the people who suffered during the Holocaust and those who try to honor their memories.

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