Stephen King Scolds Americans for Choosing Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Along with other left-wing writers, Stephen King scolds voters for not believing in “reasoned debate” and doing what he wants them to.

When Stephen King scolds, he demonstrates that he has no self-awareness and zero sense of irony. In this “open letter,” the very first line reeks with psychological projection.

Because, as writers, we are particularly aware of the many ways that language can be abused in the name of power;

Unbelievable. You simply cannot expect any intellectual honesty from liberals even though you know they are capable of it. They have the capacity but not the will.

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Some more pretense and hypocrisy from the open letter:

Because we believe that any democracy worthy of the name rests on pluralism, welcomes principled disagreement, and achieves consensus through reasoned debate;

Because American history, despite periods of nativism and bigotry, has from the first been a grand experiment in bringing people of different backgrounds together, not pitting them against one another;

Because the history of dictatorship is the history of manipulation and division, demagoguery and lies;

So democracy and pluralism means condemning millions of voters who disagree with them? And where does the “dictatorship” accusation come from, besides pure malice and slander? Barack Obama has been acting like a dictator unilaterally suspending the enforcement of immigration law—even to the point of publicly attacking a state when it tried to abide by the law.

If you are worried about dictatorship, then ask yourself this question, Liberals: When Donald Trump becomes President, which will he do first? Thank Barack Obama for the Kill List or thank him for indefinite detention?

The office was made into a dictatorship under Liberal leadership.

And if the writers really believed in “reasoned debate” they would not rely on their feelings about Donald Trump and instead would offer arguments. We all know that “bigotry” is wrong, but opposition to illegal immigration is not bigotry.

It is hard for me to believe that Stephen King scolds like this because he is the author of one of my favorite political novels. His hero (or anti-hero) Ben Richards, in The Running Man, would regard an “open letter” like this as toilet paper. Here’s a quotation about Richards:

He had never been a social man. He had shunned causes with contempt and disgust. They were for pig-simple suckers and people with too much time and money on their hands.

Perhaps his position is extreme but King would have been better off if he had thought a bit about his fictional creation before starting or joining this moral crusade that expects a petition to somehow beat back a voting majority.

And what about Hillary? What about her lies and abuse of power?

This letter is an exercise in bullying. Either they have no case against Trump or they prefer not to make such a case because they like issuing moral denunciations better.

In the society described in The Running Man, an elite ruled over a working class by means of lies, propaganda, and manipulation. Sound familiar? Ben Richards ultimately engages in an attack on one of those elites. I don’t want to give away the novel’s climax but it includes Richards making an obscene gesture with his middle finger.

I would think that it might have occurred to King that Donald Trump himself is a means by which many voters are “giving the middle finger” to the Republican/Democrat Establishment. Apparently, he did not realize it, because this response can only make those voters angrier.

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