Statue Removal Mania Goes TOO FAR: Catholic School Pulls Jesus and Mary

This week has been a tough one for historical statues in the United States after the radical left began their revisionist rampage.

It all began in Charlottesville, Virginia where a litany of white nationalist groups gathered to protest the removal of a Confederate memorial in the city square.  These hate groups have misappropriated the Civil War’s Confederacy as a sign of their own bigotry, causing a verifiable confusion among the radical leftists who oppose them and any Civil War symbolism.

This has come to a head, as a number of malfeasant millennials have gathered across the nation to deface, and sometimes topple these pieces of history, all in the name of their bizarre social justice initiatives.

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Now, as their politically correct fascism takes new shapes and scopes in recent weeks, a number of non-Confederate monuments are finding their way on to the radical left’s hit list.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other founding fathers have been in the line of fire, which was foretold by U.S. President Trump in a rhetorical quip just days earlier.

Now, this militant political correctness has manifested itself in a more heretical bit of collateral censorship.

“An independent K-12 Catholic school in the San Francisco Bay Area has removed religious statues from its campus in order to appeal to those of other faiths.

“Parents and alumni are concerned about San Domenico School’s decision to remove a number of statutes and religious icons, especially those of Jesus and Mary, the Marin Independent Journal reported.”

This unbelievable bit of passive sacrilege will surely receive a fiery response from America’s evangelical conservatives who are already incensed at the removal of other historical statutes and memorials by these liberal lunatics.

As President Trump has already asked, when will it end?  What’s the end game for these historical revisionists who believe that the American landscape should be filled with blank pedestals dedicated to no one?  Could it be that, soon, the left will only allow restaurants to serve steaks medium well and light, fizzy lager beers?

If we don’t learn to recognize our differences as a beautiful piece of our American culture, we will forever be doomed to bland normality and the loss of individuality that makes our nation so grand.

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