This State Voted Unanimously to Ignore the Federal Transgender Directive [VIDEO]

The Kansas Board of Education came to a unanimous decision to ignore the Obama Administration’s transgender directive and leave the issue up to the individual school districts in the state.

According to one board member Janet Waugh who represents Kansas City, Obama’s transgender directive is making a big deal about nothing. She said:

“I think we’re making a mountain out of a tiny molehill because certainly here in Kansas we’ve never had a problem. Districts have handled it so wonderfully, plus it’s such a small minority of our population and quite frankly the majority of them, all of them in my opinion, probably want to keep it very private.”

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The Kansas Board of Education reviewed Title IX – the federal statute upon which the Obama Administration’s bathroom policy is allegedly based, but which makes no mention of “gender identity” – and found that they were already in compliance with it.

In a public statement released by the state’s board of education, they said the issue is best left up to the local districts:

“…[W]e are firm in our belief that decision about the care, safety and well-being of all students are best made by the local school district based on the needs and desires of the students, parents and communities they serve.”

Kansas isn’t the only state to ignore the federal transgender directive. In a public statement regarding the White House’s transgender directive, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick indicated that he is not only ordering his state’s schools not to comply with the federal guidelines on school restrooms, but is also calling for the resignation of one Texas school superintendent Kent Scribner for implementing those guidelines.

The White House’s transgender directive orders schools across the country to allow students and others to be able to use the gender-specific facility – whether it be restrooms or locker rooms – in accordance with each person’s “gender identity.” While the federal order doesn’t have the force of law, the Obama Administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from noncompliant states’ respective education departments.

In addition to Kansas and Texas, there are at least ten other states not complying with the federal guidelines. At least eleven states have sued the Obama Administration over the transgender guidelines.

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