After State of The Union and #ReleaseTheMemo, Trump Approval POPS!

It is easy to understand the trepidation that some republicans felt about Donald Trump when he initially entered the fray of the 2016 presidential election.

The man, while wildly successful in businesses of all sort, was unproven in the strange and torrid world of global politics.  The world knew of him only as Donald Trump, a unique character that had managed to surpass the rich-guy tropes of Bill Gates and the like.  Trump was, and still is, larger than life in just about any way imaginable.  How would he fit all of that persona and experience into his role in the West Wing?

Now, a year on, we are beginning to see the fruits of his labor.  While still a bombastic American billionaire off-script, President Trump is making undeniable strides not only in our economy, but also in our attitudes as Americans.  When he called congress to the carpet during the State of The Union address earlier this week, reminding them sternly that the Capitol belongs to the people, Trump crossed a threshold that resonated with a wide, wide swath of Americans.

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As if to simply up the ante on his drain the swamp mantra, Trump has now released an internal FBI memo detailing grievous abuses at the bureau which call into question the very necessity of the intelligence agency altogether.  The American people had clamored for this disclosure, and now they have it.

We The People have rewarded the President for his service this week as well, with a significant pop to his approval rating.

“President Donald Trump‘s approval rating jumped to a seven-month high on Friday following a State of the Union address that was widely received as a success.

“The Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll shows 49 per cent of likely U.S. voters believe Trump is doing a good job in the White House. The same number disagree.

“The last Time the poll put Trump’s number so high was in mid-June of last year.

“The 49 per cent number puts him above his performance level in the 2016 election, when 46.1 per cent of voters chose him over Hillary Clinton and a handful of minor candidates.”

The release of the FBI memo itself is an extremely fresh and developing story at the time of this writing, and we can expect the President to capitalize on its release to continue pushing his message of giving the nation back to the people.

The abuses of government outlined in the memo are shocking, yes, and frightening to the core.  The document’s release was questioned several times over by those with a much greater understanding of the ramifications than most of us.  Now, as the information makes its way to the people, it is up to us to decide what we shall do with it.



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