Starship ‘ObamaCare’ Speeds On

If you were a news producer, which would you feel is more important to the American people during a presidential election year? The monumental collapse of Obamacare, or the Brazilian police waxing Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte?

The Media Research Center found: from January 1st to August 31, the echo chamber (NBC, ABC, CBS) dedicated over 46 minutes to Ryan Lochte, and just over 2 minutes to Obamacare.

But, let’s give credit where it’s due. There are two positive results from OC. FIRST, insurance companies can no longer drop you from coverage when you encounter high medical expenses. As anyone who has ever been dropped by an insurance company knows, once your coverage is involuntarily terminated, it is much harder and more expensive to get new coverage. Some companies had a propensity for throwing the sick or injured under the bus at the first available opportunity.

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The SECOND positive effect is that you can no longer be denied coverage based on existing medical conditions. Thanks to Obamacare, you cannot be turned down because of a pre-existing condition; they have to come up with another reason to decline your enrollment.

And, finally, the number of people insured is now about 3% lower than it was when the unilateral (100% Democrat) law was enacted. That means about 9 million more Americans have health insurance today.

If you’re Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, that’s where the story ends. I’m certain you can look at your insurance costs today and see how much it has saved you personally. The Democrats promised the average family of four would save $2,400 a year in insurance costs. While few have seen THAT kind of reduction, surely MOST have experienced a modest cost decrease? The average family of four (if they still have insurance) has seen an increase on the order of $1,500. The American taxpayer is subsidizing those unable to afford insurance. That’s the way it should be.

After an epic “failure-to-launch” during which the ranks of the uninsured swelled by as many as 15 million, OC began to laboriously bail the swamped program. Two years later (third-quarter of 2014) the number of insured finally returned to pre-OC levels. Over the last two years, about 10 million fewer Americans are uninsured. An additional 10 million people covered for the last 2 years, means 20 million policy years. Well, it turns out that the cost (to taxpayers) of OC from the “clown-fest” rollout in 2010 has been 1.7 trillion dollars… with a ‘T’.

So, $1.7 trillion divided by 20 million policy years yields a staggering cost per year of $85,000 per policy year. Ignoring the quagmire of whether the taxes are federal or state, Medicare, Medicaid, or even who pays taxes and who doesn’t, each policy year for these “newly insured” has cost the American people $85,000. Keep in mind, this $1.7 Trillion isn’t the cost of treating a single hang-nail. This is simply the cost of INSURING an additional 3% of your neighbors.

Put another way: you and 96 of your neighbors collectively incurred a debt of Eight and a half MILLION dollars to provide THREE people with an insurance policy just in case they got sick or injured. That’s not the end of the costs either. Each year you and your neighbors will pony up more as this your insurance rates and deductibles AND this Federal Starship speeds by the moon, zips past Mars, and continues on its journey toward Uranus.

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