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Stars and Bars Flies Over SC Statehouse in Protest of Confederate Censorship

Historical revisionists had a collective conniption today as South Carolina’s Statehouse was briefly adorned with the battle flag of the Confederacy once again.

America’s Civil War was obviously one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern history, with more than 620,000 soldiers on either side meeting their maker on of of the hundreds of battlefields scattered across this great land.  In the ensuing decades, however, another battle has been raging over how best to celebrate the lives of those who died for their country, and how to effectively educate Americans as to the perils of such violence.

Unfortunately, the lessons that we could learn from the War Between the States has been hijacked by northern liberals seeking to forever tarnish the conservative south.  In high schools north of the Mason Dixon Line it is far too-often taught that the war itself was waged by the south in order to maintain the evil institution of slavery – a piece of educational chicanery used to create a poor opinion of conservative Americans who are often portrayed in liberal pop culture as southern.  In reality, the men and women who took up arms against the Union were doing so in order to preserve the idea of states’ right from an out-of-control federal government.

As our nation progressed into an unfortunate liberal Hell, a great many symbols of the Confederacy were deemed offensive or racist due to the left’s warped lessons on the impetus of the battle.  One of the most public fights regarding this sort of malevolent historical revision came from South Carolina, where two years ago the Confederate Battle Flag was removed from the Statehouse.  Now, a group of proud Americans have returned the Star and Bars to its proper place on the flagpole in a brief protest.

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“The Confederate battle flag was raised outside the South Carolina Statehouse again Monday, but the stars and bars rose on a pole that was planted in a temporary plastic stand — not in the earth.

“The ceremony was timed to mark the second anniversary of the state’s decision to remove a Civil War banner that for many white southerners was an emblem of pride — and a symbol of racism to just about everybody else.

“But the flag-raising was also a protest against recent moves by lawmakers in Southern cities like New Orleans and elsewhere to remove Confederate monuments from the public areas where they have stood for decades.

“’They are trying to demonize and vilify our ancestors 150 years after their deaths,’ South Carolina Secessionist Party president James Bessenger insisted.

“His words were met with derision from the demonstrators who far outnumbered the two-dozen or so flag supporters, some of whom showed up wearing replicas of the Confederate gray uniforms of their forefathers.

“’Go home, you’re not wanted here,’ one protester cried out. ‘You lost then and you’ll lose again. Go home Confederates!’”

This hoodwinking of Americans as to the cause of the Civil War has been one of the more egregious acts of educational sabotage ever perpetrated on our nation.

The Confederate dead are, and always have been, Americans first and foremost.  They fought for what they believed America stood for; a limited government in which the federal forces would not interfere with the business of the states.  Slavery was not the cause in the least, rather, it was a matter of who would decide to outlaw slavery that was of issue.  Until the lies of the northern schoolbooks can be addressed, we are doomed to continue this semantic struggle in the south.

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