Starbucks Makes Presidential Endorsement, Americans React in Anger!

Dear Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks:

You announced your support of a political candidate this month – not personally as an American citizen who has the right to their opinions, no matter how wrong they might be.

No, you came out as the CEO of an international company and supported a political candidate in what many would call speaking on behalf of the largest and most well-known coffee company in the world.

Why would a coffee company endorse Hillary Clinton as the candidate of choice? Why would any business support Hillary Clinton?

Let me remind you who buys your overpriced, underwhelming coffee. It isn’t the destitute poor who Hillary claims to defend through government programs. It isn’t even necessarily the hated “rich” class who “pollute” the world with their millions, giving jobs to the middle class suburban mom and dad.

No. It’s that middle class suburban mom and dad who buy your coffee. On the way to work. On the way home from work. While they’re in and out of shopping where they build the economy through their purchases and through their labor at their jobs.

Those are the people that Hillary wants to hold the tax bills. See, Hillary is a socialist. And socialists cannot allow a middle class citizenry. There can only be the poor who beg for government handouts and those who dole out the money to the poor from the wealth of – guess who – that middle class that buys your coffee!

Hillary wants to raise taxes. She wants to take away our second amendment rights. She cries out against the filthy rich – which is apparently anyone not on the government teat of welfare and “free” programs.

Don’t you see the problem here, Howard? Hillary wants to raise taxes and regulate corporations so they can’t give more people jobs. That’s going to harm the people who patronize your stores, and get your coffee machines and shell out money to buy your pumpkin spice lattes by the droves. It’s going to hurt their wallets and their wallets are what they use to buy from you.

And all the while, as Hillary emotionally clamors to destroy the evils of the big corporate, big bank, rich populace she gets her wealth from, she speaks dressed in outfits that cost more than most people make in a month, lives in million dollar homes, and is protected on all sides by the guns worn by her security detail.

Howard, do you know how coffee became the drink of choice for many Americans? Because we were fighting against the tyranny of a government that delivered us tea, and then forced an unfair tax upon us. This was not just about making money on us. It was a slap in our face. See, as you should have learned in elementary school, we weren’t good enough to be allowed proper representation in the over-arching government but we were good enough to be taxed for their wars.

We fought back by dumping that tea in a harbor in a little town known as Boston. You’ve probably sat in the buildings and walked the streets our patriot founders sat in and walked. Those patriots who embraced coffee in rebellion of England’s tea.

Coffee is a symbol of liberty. Every time we order it, we are provided the liberty of numerous choices. Remember Joe Fox’s line from You’ve Got Mail?

Yet you want to serve us a candidate who wants to take our liberties from us. From the middle-class who buy your coffee, many nearly every day.

I used to think you were a brilliant businessman. But I’ve been grossly disappointed in you. Because as you sit in your 25 million dollar resort home in Hawaii, obviously purchased from the proceeds of middle class purchases, you endorse a candidate who wants to keep ME from ever achieving the dream you yourself have been permitted to achieve. The American Dream. Where a person can work hard, think smart, and be allowed the chance to succeed to the point they can upgrade their lifestyle from 2-bedroom ranch in the suburbs of Atlanta to 25 million dollar resort home in paradise.

How can I succeed, Howard, if I can’t afford to buy your coffee? Because your endorsed candidate has taxed me to death and stifled …no, strangled… my business through regulation and taxation?

I’m tired of your BS, Howard. I’m tired of the coffee company I used to support through my purchases supporting a candidate that wants to hurt my ability to provide for my family, much less enjoy the benefits of working hard to achieve a better world for them.

What’s more – I don’t think I’m alone, Howard.

I think there are a lot of people who agree with me. Apparently, they’re already boycotting you. I’ve never thought much of boycotts before. But you’ve earned your boycott by supporting a candidate who has boycotted the truth, the values America was founded upon, and the American people.

Goodbye, pumpkin spice. Goodbye, $4.95 beverage. I’ll buy my coffee from an American coffee company that purposefully does not use their company to support a political candidate, because coffee isn’t political. Coffee is the drink of liberty.

Sincerely and unapologetically,

A Suburban Middle-Class Working Taxpaying American Woman

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