Starbucks Finally Makes a Move That Americans Can Get Behind

Starbucks has had a long history of liberal politics being at the forefront of the coffee purveyor’s imaging and brand, very much to a fault in the eyes of Americans everywhere.

As the Syrian refugee crisis was heating up in late 2016, the massive coffee shop’s management decided to take a decidedly global stance on the situation by announcing an initiative to hire upwards of 10,000 migrant workers; a move that was seen by many as nothing more than a publicity stunt aimed at capturing the marketing dollars of the misguided millennials who populate the democratic party.  Of course, the backlash from their tone-deaf maneuver resulted in a boycott by the vast American conservative community who had recently organized a similar action against retailer Target after that corporation enacted a bizarre, capitulatory bathroom policy that endangered a great many women.

In the months that followed their migrant debacle, Starbucks had continued to raise eyebrows with their progressive and nonsensical direction, surely causing ripples all the way to the top of the corporate ladder.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the company has been forced to reach out to patriotic Americans everywhere with their latest promotion.

“If you stopped by Starbucks this morning for your daily caffeine fix, you might have noticed something different about the cup sleeve. That’s because the coffee chain unveiled a new camo-inspired sleeve design to celebrate the military veterans and spouses the company employs.

“The sleeve reads: ‘10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.’

“The sleeves are just a small part of Starbucks’ larger campaign encouraging people to better get to know America’s veterans and start a conversation with them, Carole Guizzetti, creative manager on Starbucks’ brand and advertising team, said in the press release.

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“Starbucks hopes to help foster those conversations. As noted on the sleeve, the company has employed 10,000 veterans and veterans’ spouses since 2013, with plans to hire another 15,000 by 2025, according to Grub Street.”

This latest move by the coffee roasters is something that every American can get behind.

The sleeves themselves are not just any corporate stunt either, having been designed by the daughter of a veteran and Navy SEAL.

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