Starbucks Boycott Coming After Employee’s Racism Caught on Tape

Starbucks has had an interesting few years in the American market, after repeated political controversies have haunted the coffee franchise.

Most notoriously, Starbucks was seen to have had capitulated to early social justice warriors by omitting Christian-specific holiday greetings such as “Merry Christmas” from their decorative cups.  Christmas trees were gone too,and red and green’s adjacencies were adjusted as well.  This was certainly a silly fight for Starbucks to even engage in, but they did.  And they lost, rather magnificently, to a bunch of angry-for-the-sake-of-anger millennials.

This empowered the social justice warrior class to no end, very likely acting as a catalyst for the movement as a whole.  The only explanation for the absurdity of thought and distortions of reality that we see from the left is that they are the products of an overactive social justice ethos.

Now, the coffee brand who birthed the social justice behemoth we know today, is in hot water again after an employee had two would-be customers arrested as they waited for a friend to arrive.  The Starbucks employee claimed they were trespassing by not ordering anything, and the friend they were waiting on arrived in the midst of the arrest.

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Late Saturday, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized for the incident. He promised a thorough investigation of the incident caught on the now-viral video by a patron.

The men were accused of trespassing, but have said they were simply waiting for a friend before ordering.

“The video shot by customers is very hard to watch and the actions in it are not representative of our Starbucks mission and values,” Johnson said in a statement. He added, “The basis for the call to the Philadelphia police department was wrong.”

Philadelphia’s police commissioner on Saturday defended the arrest, saying his officers had to act after Starbucks employees told them the pair were trespassing.

Video of Thursday’s incident showed other patrons telling officers the pair were doing nothing wrong and appeared to have been targeted merely because of their race.

Now the internet is ablaze with anti-Starbucks rhetoric from the same monstrous social movement that their earlier capitulation beget!

Okay, so that last one was a little dramatic.  Scissors would certainly have sufficed.


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