Starbuck’s Baristas Berate Trump Supporter in Latest Attack on Conservatives

This month has been a telling one for the relationship between conservative Americans and their newly radicalized leftist counterparts.

The election of Donald Trump to the White House, and the simultaneous embarrassment of the democratic party through the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the corruption of the DNC being exposed, has sent the American political left to a dark and dangerous place.  They are evolving into radically militant miscreants right before our very eyes, with multiple instances of conservatives being fired upon this week, with one such incident critically wounding Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise.

This has all been part and parcel to the New Civil War being waged by the radical leftists of America.  We’ve been witness to their insane propaganda for months, from so-called “antifa” protesters invading Donald Trump rallies during the 2016 primaries, to Kathy Griffin proudly holding a replica of the President’s beheaded skull for a publicity stunt photo shoot.  This desensitization is a tool of the left, acting as a signal for their operatives to increase the frequency and ferocity of their attacks.

Even the usually mild-mannered baristas of the yuppy class who spend $7 a morning on coffee are getting in on the act.

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“Starbucks has apologized to a customer after she was ridiculed by baristas for wearing a t-shirt expressing her support for President Donald Trump.

“According to Fox 46, Kayla Hart, of Charlotte, North Carolina, walked into a local Starbucks establishment on Wednesday.

“Hart said the cashier took one look at her and laughed at her Trump t-shirt.

“When she received her beverage, she noticed it didn’t have her name, but instead the words ‘Build a Wall.’

“’They shouted out, “Build a Wall,” and shoved a drink at me. And then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing,’ she told Fox 46.

“’I just walked out because everyone was staring,’ she said. ‘I just found it really sad that I can’t wear a t-shirt supporting our president without being humiliated or made fun of.’”

Certainly, in comparison to some of the actions that we have been forced to experience this week, this insulting Starbucks incident is not a dire matter.  Instead, we must treat these actions as symptoms of the much larger problem at hand, namely, a mean-spirited call to “resist” the President in every way possible – including the public ridicule of his supporters or a hail of gunfire aimed at his political allies in congress.

All of these disturbing scenarios have one thing in common:  A dehumanization of the conservatives of the U.S. and an acceptance of treating the right wing as less-than-American.  Worse yet, this heinous mockery occurred in the wake of the violent congressional baseball shooting from Wednesday afternoon, in which leaders on both sides of the aisle have called for unity.

Unfortunately, unity is not in the radical leftist vocabulary.



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