Star Running Back Sets Record Straight on Colin Kaepernick’s Unemployment

The NFL is in trouble, as ratings continue to plummet with multiple players and sportscasters foolishly interjecting personal politics into the game.

ESPN had seemingly opened the door for the unhealthy melding of physical competition and political drivel, with their devious liberal slant costing baseball legend Curt Schilling his job with the network after a tweet by the pitcher on his personal account revealed his conservative ways.

Soon after, athletes the nation over were beginning to pick up on a horrific trend:  ESPN will gladly include you in their nightly coverage if you somehow inject your on-field appearance with a dash of liberal politics.  Possibly fearing his descent into obscurity, Colin Kaepernick exploited this new reality by aggressively insulting American police and service members with his National Anthem protests and anti-police clothing.

After witnessing Kaepernick’s success in selling jerseys to liberal millennials after the publicity stunts began, a number of players followed suit, all without a single public admonishment from the NFL, their coaches, or sportscasters.  This brazen display of anti-American sentiment has caused NFL ratings to plummet in late 2016, with little hope that the upcoming season will be any better.

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Now, as Kaepernick is still unemployed pending his horribly lackluster past season, a number of leftists are demanding that the unworthy QB be given a job anyway, claiming that he is being discriminated against for his political beliefs.  One superstar running back has a different take on the situation.

“While opining on the unemployed status of Colin Kaepernick, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy may have just made himself a marked man. McCoy says that Kaepernick may not have been sidelined so much because of his national anthem protests, but because he isn’t a good enough player.

“McCoy was asked about Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, but the player said he thinks the situation is more complicated than the claim that Kaepernick is simply being blackballed, WKBW’s Joe Buscaglia reported.

“’That may have something to do with, but I think it also has a lot to do with his play. I’m sure a lot of teams wouldn’t want him as their starting quarterback. Then it’s the chaos that comes with it. It’s a lot. A team’s trying to win and not have a distraction on a team,’ McCoy said of the anthem protests.

“’I think the whole Kaepernick situation, in this country you can believe what you want, freedom of speech,’ he said. ‘I think maybe they could choose a better platform to state their beliefs.’

“McCoy also showed a bit of disdain for many who have offered their opinions on Kaepernick’s status, saying, ‘One thing I’ve learned about this here in America is that people, they’re followers. There’s some people that if you ask about these different topics, they’ll say what they heard, not what they actually know.’”

Well said, Shady.

McCoy’s is one of the league’s most prolific running backs of all time, and has found a home within the rough and tumble Buffalo Bills, who looks to end their NFL-record playoff drought under new head coach Sean McDermott this year.

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