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Standing For Pledge Makes You a Nazi, According to Leftist Brats

It is extremely “hip” in leftist circles to accuse your fellow American of racism lately, and this defamatory trend has trickled down to our nation’s youth.

This all began during the 2016 presidential election when a desperate democratic party was looking for ways to sway Americans away from the ideas of Donald J. Trump.  The republican nominee was resonating with a huge swath of the American community, allowing closeted conservatives to once again emerge from their quiet corners and return to the front lines of the political battle.  In order to attack Trump, the left took to calling him a racist.

It was an easy attack for the left to formulate, utilizing Trump’s strong feelings about national security as a stepping stone to their theories of bigotry and xenophobia.  They tried to tell us that “America First”, as a creed, was inherently bad, as it bucked against their own globalist agenda.

Now, the left’s insistence that they are the only non-racist people in America has infected our youth.

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“Two students at a metro Atlanta elementary school say they were singled out for what they did during the Pledge of Allegiance.

“Tuesday morning at Orrs Elementary School, 10-year-old Jason Newberry said he and one classmate put their hand over their heart while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He said when they did, others in the class called them names.

“‘Me and him got called KKK, Nazi, and we just kept getting bullied the whole day,’ said Newberry.

“Newberry said it wasn’t until his second period teacher showed them a news clip of NFL players kneeling that he realized the present controversy surrounding the flag.

“The teacher made a poll on paper and passed it out to all the students to see what they thought was right or wrong about taking a knee. The teacher even told students that she would never stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and that if she did stand she would not really mean it.”

You see, according to the radical left, America is inherently racist.

This is all a part of the left’s attempted societal revolution.  Liberals the nation over have been doing this for decades, insinuating that the only way to not be racist is to be progressive.  By its very nature, the statement is false, but that hasn’t slowed them down one bit.


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