Stand with Israel – the ONLY Place in the Middle East where Christians can Freely Celebrate Christmas

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has had a rough week.

The United States has government, under the direction of Barack Obama has turned it’s back on our old friend, and the United Nations has stabbed the Arab World’s only democratic society square in the back. The series of unfortunate events prompted Prime Minister Netanyahu to remind the Christian West about one fundamental truth in our world today… Israel is the only place in the Middle East and North Africa where Christians can freely celebrate Christmas without fear of reprisal.

Wow… and yet John Kerry and Barack Obama have decided to stand against our only friends in the region. This entire situation is more evidence that the Obama era has been a complete, and utter failure.

Watch Netanyahu make his case:

“Whole countries in the Middle East are collapsing, terror is everywhere and for an entire hour the Secretary of State of the United States talks only about the only democracy in the Middle East, a democracy that is one of the only stable places in the entire Middle East. We are now celebrating Christmas, maybe Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t see that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate Christmas in security and peace and happiness. Unfortunately, that doesn’t interest the president of the United States.

If the U.S. administration would have taken the same energies that they put in condemning Israel in stopping the Palestinian terror, maybe they would have helped the peace process more.”


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