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St. Louis Under Siege After Policeman Acquitted in Deadly Force Incident

The city of St. Louis, Missouri has fallen victim to yet another instance of social justice warriors attempting to supersede literal justice via the court system.

Former officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty today in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith after a high speed pursuit in 2011 led to an altercation in which Stockley was compelled to use lethal force.  Since that time, Stockley has since left law enforcement.

The ruling today was met with anger and violence by protesters, who quickly allowed their peers to spiral out of control.

“At one point in the early afternoon, at least a few protesters were pepper sprayed by police as protesters tried to block police from traveling in vehicles on Tucker Boulevard between Clark Avenue and Spruce Street. Multiple protesters were arrested.

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“‘We were standing our ground, so the bus wouldn’t go forward,’ said Maleeha Ahmad, 29, with the white pepper spray splattered across her face.

“Greg Harvey, 28, a producer with KMOX-AM 1120, said police told him to move out of the street, shoved him then pepper sprayed him while people were protesting peacefully.

“‘God, it burns so bad,’ Harvey said.

“More than 100 police, many with batons and riot shields, were there. Dozens of police at one point formed a line across Tucker.”

Predictably, protesters immediately turned the verdict into a racial issue, ignoring the judicial system’s ruling to the contrary.

“‘We are all subjected to white supremacy and there’s nothing we can do about it,’ said activist Johnny Roberts, 26. ‘What can we do about it?’

“Immediately after the verdict, activist Anthony Shahid stood outside the courthouse downtown and held up light-blue cloth bag over his hand with Stockley’s picture attached to it.

“’This is what you call white privilege. This is what you call unconstitutional,’ Shahid said. ‘We don’t even have constitutional rights. This is what you call human rights being violated … What they’re doing throughout America they’re treating us like straight (racial epithet), rats and roaches.’”

This bizarre reliance of Americans to deject the judicial system in cases of violent that they feel is race related has become a pandemic in today’s society.

While there was not enough evidence to convict Stockley, and while the judge in the case made literally zero allusions to racial motivations in the non-jury trial, protesters were already primed to wreak havoc should the verdict come back in the former officer’s favor.  There would be no walking back from the race-baiting ledge for the offshoots of the Black Lives Matter movement, who themselves have been complicit in the murder of police officers across the nation, not the least of which was an incident last year in Dallas, Texas in which 5 law enforcement professionals lost their lives in one night.

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