Spoken Word Poet Unmasks the Liberal Hypocrisy of the #NotMyPresident Movement

Spoken word poet J.ournal recently released one of his latest pieces, this time high-lighting the hypocrisy of the liberal left in their efforts to undermine President Donald Trump. Specifically, J.ournal focuses on the argument that Trump isn’t fit to serve from a “moral” perspective. While liberals complain that Trump is “unfit to serve,” they seemingly have no problem following, supporting, funding, and even voting for other seemingly less “moral” people.

Listen and then share J.ournal’s work far and wide:

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From J.ournal’s Facebook Page:

Is Morality Relative?

The Beyoncé lyrics that I quoted are tame compared to most of what we bob our heads and shake things to daily throughout the country. It’s just too ironic that Beyoncé and Jay-Z (who is every bit the misogynist Trump is) headlined Hillary Clinton’s final campaign rally. The charts and clubs tell the truth about what people want to hear. You could literally take the most lewd parts of any leaked Trump recording, auto-tune it, add a beat and some grunting noises, and have a #1 hit. Oh, and make a video for it that objectifies women as much as possible. People love that too. But #notmypresident.

There’s a whole genre of movies that aim for nothing but debauchery. You know, the “I felt gross watching it
but I laughed a few times so it’s okay” type. PG-13 movies almost always cram in as much innuendo and violence as they’re allowed, acting as a “gateway drug” so that the R-rated ones don’t seem so bad. The studios know this, and they’re the only winners here.

Reality TV is ubiquitous and revered in this country. That’s obvious to everyone. But somehow it’s surprising that a reality TV star is now president.

And of course sitcoms have deteriorated to become far more crude than Friends. But Friends teamed up with the proliferation of the internet at just the right time to make mainstream what was once something people only did in shamed secrecy. I’ve never heard Obama or any other high ranking government official in this country say a single word about the plague of pornography. fightthenewdrug.org and a few religions are the only organizations I’ve seen that are trying to stand against it. Everyone else just accepts it (if not glorifies it) as part of the new norm, then complains about a culture of rape and becomes twitter-outraged about human trafficking and misogynistic presidential candidates. 68 million people search the internet for porn every day. Do you really think the results of those 68 million searches don’t influence the pervasive perversion in our society? It’s a huge problem – I’d say the bane of human existence in our time, and the devastation it causes will only continue to get worse unless a large scale war is waged against it. The first shot fired in that war will be to actually acknowledge that it’s the enemy – that it is actually evil and not “cool”.

Chelsea Handler is only one body in the obscene ecosystem of comedic entertainment. I’ve attended comedy clubs several times to see comedians that I thought might be able to keep things decent, but ended up walking out every time. 99% of comedians resort to all things foul, knowing that appealing to the lowest common denominator in humans is the easiest way to get cheap laughs, or at least groans. Those with enormous amounts of talent like Flight of the Conchords or the Sklar Brothers still capitulate even though they don’t need to.

The Broadway show “Book of Mormon”, a huge hit, having grossed somewhere around half a billion dollars is a parody (a “vilification” as Meryl Streep would say) of religion and people who actually try to do good and make the world a better place. As is the new norm, religion is treated as a joke, while depravity and idols are worshipped. Good is evil and evil is good.

Bill Clinton was every bit as morally bankrupt as Donald Trump (while in office by the way), but not a peep was made about him by the same people that assail Trump – because it didn’t fit their political agenda. That’s the very definition of moral relativism.

These things matter. We are the end product of what we consume and idolize. Morality is not relative. It’s a universal truth. Our fight shouldn’t be against Donald Trump. It’s too late. Our fight should be against everything that has made him the very the embodiment of the American ideal.


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