SPLC Triggered By “#Christmas” on Twitter, Uses Christianity to…

There seems to be some serious confusion on the left side of American culture when it comes to Christmas, religion, and bigotry.

For the ultra liberal contingent within our society, these three distinct ideas intersect each other every year around December 25th on the conservative end of the American spectrum.  You see, the left believes that religion, (well, actually just Christianity), is a flawed and dysfunctional character trait of their political opponents.  Religious freedom only applies to non-Christians, according the the radical left, who have spent years attempting to justify the radicalization of Islam when denouncing Christian businesses who choose their clientele.  This is due to some unfathomably flawed theory that The Bible is instructing Christians to discriminate against their fellow man.

So, of course, when the most prominent holiday in the Christian religion kicks into gear between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the left start getting antsy and they begin to push their asinine ideas about the evils of the Christian faith.  (Meanwhile, ISIS is blatantly threatening to kill their religious enemies in the streets of America with no liberal backlash whatsoever).

Now, the previously useless Souther Poverty Law Center is getting in on the act by exploiting the word Christmas to track hate speech online, insinuating that Americans who observe the holiday in a religious sense may very well be bigots worthy of surveillance.

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“The Southern Poverty Law Center is tracking the hashtags #Christmas, #MerryChristmas, #Jesus, and #ChristmasEve, as part of ‘trends in a community of far-right Twitter users.’

“According to the SPLC, its ‘hate tracker’ tracks accounts that represent a ‘range of extremists,’ from ‘conspiratorial fringes of mainstream conservatism to outright white supremacists.’

“The hate tracker notes that #Christmas is the second highest trending hashtag it tracked on Christmas Eve, with @whitehouse and @potus being among the four top Twitter handles mentioned with the hashtag.”

Somehow, these SPLC imbeciles believe that the extreme far right is the only hateful end of the American political journey, negating the entire last year’s worth of left-wing hate crimes and violence.

Worse yet, the white supremacists that the SPLC is so fond of erroneously linking to American conservatives, have been relatively mild in their actions during the last year.  We must remember that the political violence that defined 2017 came from James T. Hodgkinson, a left wing agitator and Bernie Sanders campaign worker who attempted to murder an entire baseball team-worth of republican congressmen with a rifle over the summer.

Furthermore, the worst mass shooting in American history occurred only weeks ago in which a vastly conservative crowd of country music fans were targeted from the hotel suite of Stephen Paddock, a man whose motives may not be publicly acknowledged by authorities for another year.



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