Drain the Swamp

“Special Counsel II: Deep StateReckoning” Set to Premiere in D.C. Swamp?

President Donald Trump has had a meteoric impact on the way in which Washington D.C. operates in his first year behind the desk in the Oval Office, and there are more revelations to come still.

Much of the nation will not be surprised by that statement.  Given that Trump is an unconventional politician of the highest order, few were surprised about the efficacy of his bull in a china shop routine in the West Wing.  Given the sheer number of hirings, firings, and hirings within the administration so far, it is obvious that the President is in no way settling for any less-than-ideal candidates under his watch.

Now, as Trump has shaken the intelligence community to its core with his release of a FISA memo detailing inexcusable surveillance practices, the nation waits with bated breath for the next shoe to drop.

That shoe could very easily come in the form of a new, Mueller-less special counsel investigation into the litany of abuses believed to be occurring within the intelligence community.

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“The war between the White House and the FBI/DOJ complex may be turning nuclear.

“While speaking to reported aboard Air Force 1, Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said that President Trump’s attorneys have already approved the idea of appointing a second special counsel to investigate the FBI and Justice Department’s actions during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to White House pool reports.

“The excerpt from the pool in question:

“‘*FISA warrant should it be released? and what about a second special counsel?*’

“Presidents attorneys have addressed this and said yes to a second special counsel.”

This hypothetical move would absolutely rock the American intelligence community to the core, and given their already trembling foundation, could be the impetus for an incredibly wide ranging overhaul of the way that our government keeps tabs on itself and others.

Donald Trump promised to reach the White House and begin an operation to “drain the swamp” – his clever allegory for running the rats and muck from the Beltway.  Americans were wholeheartedly in agreement that this wide-ranging operation should be undertaken to return power to its rightful place:  We The People.  Many, however, weren’t sure if Trump would be able to rise above the muck himself, given the centuries of inhabitance for some of the more vile nooks and crannies in the Washington wasteland.

With the release of the FISA memo, and the possibility of yet another Special Counsel to investigate intelligence aberrations however, it seems as though Donald Trump is hellbent on keeping his promise to the people regarding a massive cleanup of the nation’s political ruling class.


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