Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Promises Funding Fight for Border Wall this Summer

While many in the media are saying that the GOP had been upended in the battle over writing the recently revealed budget bill, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) doesn’t see it that way.

Ryan argued that the bill would “change the game” for our military and that the features that the GOP wanted to strip out could be removed in upcoming budget fights.

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However, the biggest reason for upset among many of President Trump’s most stalwart conservatives lies in the fact that the bill was passed without including any funding to begin building the border wall.

Ryan said that he understands why some GOP voters would be unhappy with the bill, but he also promised that the GOP would be revisiting the issue of funding the border wall as early as this coming summer.

Ryan also promised GOP voters that the spending bill would NOT fund Planned Parenthood.

“This bill does not have funding for Planned Parenthood. That’s important. The reconciliation bill advances the pro-life cause even further. These two efforts in conjunction with one another advance our cause and our principles quite a bit,” Ryan told the media. However, Planned Parenthood WILL continue to get funding… it’s just that this bill doesn’t itself fund them.

I guess that’s something.

It seems that the only victory the GOP can really claim with this spending bill is that they were able to increase funding for the military. Seems like a pyrrhic victory (at best) to me.

Onan Coca

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