Russell Moore

Did the Southern Baptist Convention Just Cave In to Cultural Marxism?

Listening to the Georgia News Network last week hit me like a ton of bricks. Southern Baptists just caved to cultural Marxism.

Southern Baptists are setting themselves up to be persecuted by the left. Pandering to the left only allows them to continue to push through their Marxist God hating agenda. Southern Baptists decided to come out against the Confederate Flag.  After reading Russell Moore’s reasoning on why just made my jaw drop. 

The Convention recognized today what the flag represents, and what it says to our African American brothers and sisters in Christ. The flag hearkens back to a day when in order to justify idolatrous Mammonism, Southern religion wove a counter-biblical folk theology that stood on the other side of Jesus. The flag also points to years and years of domestic terrorism against African-Americans, often with threats of physical violence.

Like James Merritt, I’m a descendant of Confederate veterans too. But my family history is more complicated than just that. I’m a part of another family now, a bigger family that spans heaven and earth, a people from every tribe, tongue, nation, and language. The gospel frees us from scrapping for our “heritage” at the expense of others. The gospel frees us, as the Bible says, to “pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding” (Rom. 14:19). The gospel calls us to “bear one another’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2). What hurts one part of the Body hurts us all.

Russell Moore and the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have swallowed the talking points of the culture Marxists. Russell Moore desperately wants to pander to the Cultural Marxists in hopes of appeasing them.

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Instead of standing up for truth in a culture that’s sliding towards Gomorrah, Moore and Southern Baptists are desperately trying to score brownie points for the Marxist left. Pandering never gets people inclined to seriously look at the Gospel. This weaker, kinder gentler nicer then God tone has been tried for the last 30 years and has failed miserably. If the confederate flag really was an issue, they would have dealt with it years ago. Removing the confederate flag is being pushed by the media. This is a cave to media pressure.

It’s also apparent that Russell Moore is absolutely naive to think that Cultural Marxists won’t attack the American Flag. That’s their next target. Reasons Moore gives about abandoning the Confederate Flag are the same arguments that could be made and will be made against the American Flag.

…there is not one blessed thing in Russell Moore’s statement that does not also apply to the American flag. You strike the colors of a foe that was defeated a century and a half ago, and call it bravery and reconciliation, and refuse to do anything about the flag that is flying over a cluster of abominations now. When it comes to the American flag, you want to say, “oh, its complicated, not that simple, means more than one thing.” You see, taking a stand against the Stars and Bars enables Russell Moore to engage in some trendy virtue signaling, and taking a stand against the American flag would actually cost him a great deal. But explain this to me. If the Confederate flag “stands for” slavery, in what way does the American flag not “stand for” abortion? Roe has executed 13 million black children — what flag represents that? What flag flies at the Supreme Court that decided that?

If you want, you can find some additional thoughts, here and here. And if you haven’t read it before, please read the first one.

When you peel back all the layers, it’s apparent Russell Moore and Southern Baptists would rather pander to cultural Marxists instead of defeat them.

As united as conservative evangelicalism seems to be, however, Kim Davis is not without her detractors. The chief detractor among “conservative” (a word that is quickly losing meaning) Christians is the head ethicist of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore. Moore, who runs the 7 million dollar budget, Cooperative Program-funded Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has made it very clear that Kim Davis should have resigned from her position rather than continue to faithfully execute the requirements of her office.

…we must recognize the crucial difference between the religious liberty claims of private citizens and government officials. Let us be clear: Government employees are entitled to religious liberty, but religious liberty is never an absolute claim, especially when it comes to discharging duties that the office in question requires. While government employees don’t lose their constitutional protection simply because they work for the government, an individual whose office requires them to uphold or execute the law is a separate matter than the private citizen whose conscience is infringed upon as a result of the law. It means the balancing test is different when it comes to government officials because of their roles as agents of the state. Government officials have a responsibility to carry out the law. When an official can no longer execute the laws in question due to an assault on conscience, and after all accommodating measures have been exhausted, he or she could work for change as a private citizen, engaging the democratic process in hopes of changing the questionable law.

Moore, who has called Jesus an illegal alien in his push for amnesty, advocated “creation care” environmentalism, who has appointed a gay-affirming feminist who endorses gay and pornographic propaganda as an ERLC research fellow, and says we should attend gay wedding celebrations, for some reason thinks that law was been changed, annulled or created by the Supreme Court on June 26th. How someone as educated at Moore repeatedly presumes that there is a “law” somewhere that Davis has yet to obey or that the Supreme Court issues law is an embarrassing blight upon the SBC’s main smarty-pants on ethical and governmental issues. It seems that a review of this epic School House Rock video on how laws are created might be in order for Moore.

Russell Moore and Southern Baptists are completely worthless in fighting back cultural Marxism. They seem fearful of standing up for truth and righteousness in our culture.  The left looks at the likes of Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist leaders and sees a great opportunity to further dismantle the American culture. They see an easy opening to further attack the church. The Southern Baptist convention who at one time was fearless are looking for more and more opportunities to pander to the left. Russell Moore and others like him are responsible for weakening the church. They want rank and file pastors to “focus on the gospel” and leave the politics to them. Pastors have obediently followed that model. Time for Southern Baptists to stand up and started leading the fight. Time to stand up to the cultural marxists in the culture. Time to ignore the voices of Russell Moore and others. God’s influence and power should not be contained. God’s influence and power is being hidden from the political realm. It’s time to make a stand and fight before it’s too late.

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