North Korea

South Korea Cries “Grave Provocation” in Case of North Korean Drone

The United States are certainly not alone in their tense relationship with the reclusive nation of North Korea, as evidenced by the latest statement from Seoul.

While the Korean War has never officially drawn to an end, only a “truce” and cease fire, South Korea has remained vigilant against threats from their northern neighbor.  Given the unhinged persona of Kim Jong Un, and his persistent, threatening hatred for South Korea, it comes as no surprise that the government in Seoul would remain concerned about any military action by the hermit kingdom.

Earlier this month, a drone, presumably from North Korean, crash landed south of the border, prompting fears that a new escalation of military force could soon be at hand.  Now that the invading aerial machine has been confirmed to be of Pyongyang-origin, South Korea has refused to mince words about what this means for the future of the relationship between the two nations.

“The origin and flight path of the drone were confirmed in an analysis of the onboard computer and camera, South Korea’s defense ministry and military officials told the briefing.

“‘The intrusion of our airspace by the North Korean drone and photographing of a military base is a violation of the Armistice and an agreement on non-aggression and is an act of grave provocation,’ Jeon Dong-jin, an official of the Joint Chiefs of Staff office said.

“‘We strongly condemn the North’s continued attempts at penetrating the South with drones and once again, demand all acts of provocation are halted,’ he said during the briefing.

“‘If North Korea continues to engage in acts of provocation against the South, our military will forcefully retaliate and we warn all responsibility for events occurring going forth is with the North.'”

North Korea has been hard at work, poking and prodding at the entire rest of the world in recent months.  Not only has Kim Jong Un reiterated his threats to destroy the United States with thermonuclear strikes, the diminutive dictator has launched a nearly non-stop battery of long, medium, and short range missiles intended to strike fear into the hearts of America and her allies in Japan and South Korea.

U.S. President Donald Trump this week thanked China for their “attempt” to corral the rogue regime of Kim Jong Un, signaling that the United States may be taking matters into their own hands after the death of American prisoner Otto Warmbier, who was returned to the U.S. in a coma after spending a little over a year in a North Korean concentration camp.



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