North Korea

South Korea Believes Kim Jong Un Could Test Nuke “Within Hours”

The palpable tension on the Korean peninsula is coming to a head this week, as new reports from South Korea indicate that they are preparing for the worst…immediately.

Just yesterday it was revealed that the nation of Japan began to warn its citizens about the possibility of a North Korean nuclear strike – an event in which the Japanese people may have as little as 10 minutes to prepare themselves for the doomsday scenario.  Now, new intel from South Korean sources indicate that Kim Jong Un’s psychotic regime could be ready to test a nuclear weapon within hours.

“Observers have noted increased activity at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Sit on April 19, indicating Kim has a sixth test planned.

“South Korea is bracing itself for a possible show of strength from North Korea to mark the 85th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army on Tuesday as tensions rise in the region.

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“The tests, several of which have taken place over the past few months, are highly controversial and heavily criticised by North Korea’s Western enemies.

“South Korean news agency Yonhap said there was ‘speculation Pyongyang may conduct its sixth nuclear test or launch a long-range missile’.”

A nuclear test by North Korea would certainly draw a response from the United States and her allies, Japan and South Korea, who are represented already in the region.  China, who is a reluctant ally of Kim Jong Un, may also find themselves on the offensive should North Korea test a nuke, given their unique position as the hermit kingdom’s sole regional acquaintance.

In recent weeks, the activity at the nuclear test site, coupled with Kim’s unfathomable rhetoric and threats, have led the United States to send the USS Carl Vinson to the region with a bevy of support ships.  The carrier strike group, which could launch a devastating attack on North Korea from the safety of the sea surround her, has been accompanied by similarly equipped Japanese vessels.

In an emergency meeting at the White House on Wednesday, the Trump administration met with all 100 member of the Senate to discuss the urgency of the North Korean situation, with many politicians remarking on how “sobering” and serious that briefing was.

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