The #BlackLivesMatter Revolution Is Over

I’m sorry Black Lives Matter, but your revolution is now over.  You unequivocally squandered your chance for reform, and you did it with hate.

Yes, hate.  The same word that is your never-ending rallying cry against every injustice, true or merely perceived, that you and your family and your loved ones have ever faced.

It’s the same hate from the 1960’s, where segregation was enforced with dogs and fire hoses.  It’s the same hate from a century prior that created the Trail of Tears and the reservation system.  And it’s the same hate that kept your ancestors on the plantation, in shackles, and treated as less than human.

That’s the hate that you chose to display yesterday in Dallas when you cowardly ambushed police officers who were protecting your very right to protest.  These officers, whose chosen careers are not easy by any stretch of the imagination, who already live in fear that their next dispatch call may be their last, spent their shift putting their lives on the line for your Black Lives Matter movement…

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