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Soros Talks Big on Global Warming, But What About His Bank Account?

While there are certainly those who tend to “tune out” when talk of George Soros and “globalism” arrives in their feed, the truth of the matter is something that none of us can afford to ignore.

Soros, who is a multi-billionaire of the highest order, aligns himself wholeheartedly with the liberal left due to his unapologetic obsession with the concept of globalism – or the idea that the world should be governed as one, as opposed to recognizing the sovereignty and inherent differences of cultures based upon geography.

While globalism tends to appear as some hippy-dippy, “kumbaya” campfire sort of ethos, the truth is a much darker web of deceit, corruption, and wealth gone awry.

The real reason for men like Soros to push this consolidation of power is so that he himself has fewer politicians and heads of state to coerce into his way of thinking, clearing the way for an all out pillaging of the world’s resources.  You see, Soros and his colleagues in the “powers that be” class are no longer able to move the needle on their wealth and importance by means of sheer investment alone, instead, these magnates of industry and capital must literally reshape the world and its industrial regulations to their liking in order to succeed beyond their already adequate means.

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One of the great boogeymen being used to attempt this consolidation of power has been the concept of “global warming” – a fraudulent bit of chicanery being passed off as “science” by the liberal mainstream media.  The idea is that greenhouse gasses from fossil fuel emissions is heating our planet to the extreme, and, barring a unilateral and global authority on the subject, peril is imminent.

This is an excellent device for men like Soros to exploit in order to reduce the amount of palms that need greasing.

But, what if we take a peek into George Soros’ bank account?

“George Soros made big investment bets on fossil fuel companies in the fourth quarter of 2017 even though he claims these firms contribute to climate change, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

“In the last quarter of 2017, Soros Fund Management reported investments in eleven new fossil fuel corporations totalling nearly $160 million, according to his company’s December 31, 2017, filing before the Securities and Exchange Commission reviewed by TheDCNF.

“His investments in fossil fuels undermines his public pledge to use his money to eliminate the oil, gas and coal industries, claiming they threaten the planet by accelerating climate change.”

Just ho hypocritical is Soros?

“The billionaire’s most recent political efforts to warn about climate change was his underwriting of the organizations behind the April 29, 2017, ‘People’s Climate March’ that marked the 100th day of President Donald Trump’s administration. Soros donated $36 million to 18 of the march’s 55 steering committee organizations between 2000 to 2014, according to the Media Research Center.”

By mathematics alone, we can see that Soros is playing high stakes poker with fossil fuels while “donating” to the penny slots of “global warming”.

This sort of measured reticence is key to the appeal of Soros to the democrats, who have long been fond of the two-faced routine themselves.  In all honesty, we can think of George Soros’ $36 million investment into the “People’s Climate March” as nothing more than lip service to the liberal left, and an excellent smokescreen for the true intent of his fiscal strategy.


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