Son of Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick, Tim Kaine, Arrested for Rioting

Booking photo of Linwood Kaine. (Ramsey County sheriff’s office)

While the Trump children are routinely chided by the national media for being productive and supportive children, almost no one in the media has chimed in on the recent complications to hit the family of Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA).

Kaine’s youngest son, Linwood Michael Kaine, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of second-degree rioting at a pro-Trump event at the Minnesota state capitol.

On Saturday hundreds of President Trump’s supporters showed up at the Capitol to express that support in a legally permissible way (they even made sure to acquire permits first). However, this show of support for the President was not appreciated by some of Minnesota’s liberal fascists who felt that they had to riot in response. The event had been going on for about a half an hour when liberal thugs attacked the crowd in an effort to end the demonstration.

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The Twin Cities Pioneer Press explains what happened next:

Speeches had been going on for about a half-hour inside the newly renovated Capitol rotunda when a group of people tried to disrupt the event. At one point, someone set off a smoke bomb — apparently striking a woman in the head, police said.

A 61-year-old Plymouth woman said she was hit in the head at 12:30 p.m., about 10 minutes after she arrived at the Trump rally. The woman said she saw something coming toward her, tried to avoid the object, but it struck her in the forehead, according to Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman. She was not injured. It was not clear who threw the smoke bomb.

Security guards intervened, skirmishes broke out, and someone sprayed chemical irritant into the crowd. Some counter-demonstrators dispersed, and the rally resumed.

Woody Kaine was seen with four people who lit fireworks inside the Capitol, Linders said…


Kaine and his friends ran away as police took control of the event and forced the hoodlums away from the peaceful demonstrators. Several blocks away the police finally caught up with the group of violent thugs and Kaine made a few more poor choices:

After the group ran and a St. Paul police officer detained Kaine, “he turned around and squared up to fight with the officer,” Linders said Tuesday night. “The officer was able to place Mr. Kaine under arrest and take him to the Ramsey County jail for booking.”

The officer used “some force” to take Kaine into custody…

Kaine and four of the people he was with were then arrested on suspicion of 2nd-degree rioting, and it wasn’t until later that authorities realized that they had arrested the son of a sitting U.S. Senator and the recent candidate for Vice President from the Democrat Party.

This is just another example of Democrat values getting passed on from one generation to the next. Apparently for some Americans violence is the answer when discussing political differences. For their part, the folks who were trying to enjoy a peaceful rally in support of their duly elected President could not seem to understand why the liberal thugs felt they had to get involved. One of the rally’s organizers was shocked at the behavior of the anti-Trump thugs telling the Pioneer Press, “All we wanted to do was just celebrate our president in our own country. We have the freedom to do it and for those young kids to come … and disrupt and hurt people, that’s very disappointing.”

Very disappointing indeed.

Just a thought to take away: I wonder how the media would react had one of the Trump children done something like this? It would create a media firestorm like we’ve never seen! But when the Democrat kids do it… silence. This is just another example of the inherent bias in the media.

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