There is Something Missing from the Russian Hack Argument

By Ron Paul

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently appeared on Russia Today to talk about the ongoing imbroglio over whether or not Russia hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign. While Paul doesn’t put it past the Russians to involve themselves in such dealings (he points out that we do this kind of thing too), he sees something missing from the hand-wringing liberals in the media when it comes to the discussion about the leaks.

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Without any proof or evidence being presented that Russia interfered with our election, we’re just seeing political grandstanding at this point by both President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Have you noticed that there’s never any mention or concern about Secretary Clinton having a private server in her home? If anything, that server would have made it much easier for Russia (or anyone else) to know what was going on with our government.


From the Ron Paul Liberty Report

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