This City Wants to Establish A Secret Commission to Prosecute Homophobia

There has been much made over a bathroom law that was passed and then repealed in Charlotte NC. This law and the State law repealing it has caused several to think about ways best to protect their own state. In South Carolina, there is a bill that would seek to keep the standard the way it is, but Nikki Haley has said that such a law was not needed. But, what we find is quite the opposite.

The Washington Standard reports

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In an exclusive interview with The Washington Standard, (former Columbian City Councilman Cameron) Runyan told us that the City of Columbia has faced more aggressive bills put forward than those that were considered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“There was a law that the mayor and a couple of other people attempted to get passed early last year in the City of Columbia that we were able to defeat,” Runyan said. “That law would have created a commission paneled by the council that would investigate citizens for discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. What was really egregious about this particular law was that the commission was now by secrecy. In other words, if you were drug before the commission in the City of Columbia, and then went out and told somebody that you had been investigated, there were penalty provisions, including jail time.”

It seems that the councilman and his colleagues have been fighting a long battle against the LGBT agenda. This law would open up people to being investigated for discrimination. And worst of all, Columbians would not know that the commission even existed until you were brought before them.

One day, you are living as normal and the next you are facing a secret commission. A commission set up to determine if you have been homophobic. One that could fine you for talking about it or what happened there. You have to be silent on the issue on the pains of imprisonment.  (Can you say George Orwell?)

But this is just the beginning. Wait until tomorrow when we break down the laws this provision was meant to work alongside. The Homo-Nazis are working hard in SC to coerce compliance at the end of a gun.

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