Black Lives Matter

Social Justice Warriors From BLM and LGBTQ Pride Battle For Parade Supremacy in MN

The Black Lives Matter movement blew their chance at relevancy a long time ago, as one of their own opened fire in Texas murdering five brave police officers.

The organization, which has truly been a loose-knit mob of angry and militant millennials, has been coming under fire in recent months for their incessant push for violence and unrest in the name of their perceived injustices.  Even after the nation became acutely aware of the racial issues that persist in America, particularly during interactions between minorities and the police, the Black Lives Matter group has refused to work toward peace.  Rather, the group has been responsible for a number of dangerous protest stunts on busy highways, crowded intersections, and even during other advocacy groups’ own demonstrations.

In other words, BLM really just enjoys getting unruly and they’ll use any excuse they can to catch a headline.

This was exactly the scenario playing out in Minnesota over the weekend, as the city’s gay pride parade was interrupted and hijacked by power-hungry Black Lives Matter protesters looking to stay relevant.

“Unhappy with the organizers of the Twin Cities Pride Festival having policeman at the event, WCCO reportedthat the Black Lives Matter protesters stopped the parade for about an hour and demanded the officers leave.

“Organizers of the pride parade had disinvited police after St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted in the 2016 death of Philando Castile. However, on Friday, were re-invited.

“Around 40 officers were at the march, including Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau, who worked to have the officers re-invited. Harteau, who is openly gay, said the move was ‘divisive,’ adding that it ‘really hurt so many in our community,’ including LGBT officers.

“Just after the parade began, Black Lives Matter demonstrators jumped in front of an unmarked police cruiser and demanded the officers be removed from the parade.”

Black Lives Matter has outed itself, time and again, as a radically-motivated, racist, and selfish organization.  Worse yet, they are absolutely obsessed with oppressing our nation’s police force.

The brave men and women who dedicate their lives to public service in police careers have one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in America, without a slightly-organized hate group constantly pressuring them to reinvent their career.  Black Lives Matter has run its course, and must be either completely obliterated or entirely reinvented should they wish to continue in their lopsided endeavor.  Otherwise, we will continue being subjected to their childish, petty, and pedantic stunts that undermine the progress of other American minority groups.

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