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“Social Justice” Boot Camp Coming to College Campuses in Philly

The dual-edged sword of the left’s battle for malleable millennials is sharp both on “political correctness” and “social justice”.

For children raised on television and the internet, the idea of vigilantism is quite romantic.  Their childhood heroes, such as Batman and The Boondock Saints, are prime examples of the youth’s thirst for tales of vengeance being perpetrated by seemingly ordinary characters.  The resistance to the ways of the world truly starts with protagonists such as these, who choose to buck the traditional roles of society, instead choosing to maim their way through anything they deem necessary of destruction.

That is not to say that millennials today are as heroic or courageous as the characters who they wish to emulate.  They most certainly are not, however, they’ve found a way to satisfy this unwarranted lust for heroism with dainty deeds aimed at perpetuating the democratic ideology that all persons should be given the same opportunities in life, regardless of their personal effort to achieve them.

The first manifestation of this innate and insane desire is political correctness.  Leftist millennials are positively obsessed with making sure that no one in their immediate vicinity is ever offended.  When a simple warning will not correct these overblown offenses, these youths will turn to “social justice” instead, organizing and make “official” complaints and requests of anyone who they believe has the authority to force a change in the behavior that they deemed inappropriate.

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If it sounds a lot like “tattling”, that’s because it is.

Now, with this horrendously fragile age group making their way into our institutions of higher learning, the liberality of specific college campuses have become somewhat of a draw for potential students who get off on this sort of social policing.  This has, abhorrently, led to three campuses in Philadelphia actually offering a “social justice bootcamp” to incoming freshmen.

“Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, and Haverford College have announced a week-long boot camp for incoming students in the next school semester.

 “Dubbed the ‘Tri-College Identity, Equity and Social Justice Summer Institute’ the social justice camp will host 60 students (with 20 from each school) and takes place a week before classes begin this August.

“Students will learn about ‘power and privilege’ surrounding various identity-related subjects like race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and even ability.

“With identity politics becoming a matter of paramount importance for the colleges involved, every participant is expected to learn about ‘themselves, their identity groups, systems of power and their institutions’ through a variety of social justice-related activities, including organized discussions, theater, reflective writing, and even physical exercises.”

Once again, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of the liberal Luger, cocked and ready to put yet another piece of hot shrapnel into the American Dream.  This arrogant and petulant scourge of “social justice” has long been infecting our nation in an attempt by the left to add an enormous asterisk to our Bill of Rights…

*Except if it offends you.


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